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MANLY view,  NSW. AUSTRALIA. This full painting tutorial is approximately 2 hours long and will take you around 3+ hours to paint.  It is a fully instructed and demonstrated watercolour tutorial, for an experienced level of painter.  Follow the tutor as she simplifies a complex scene, and paints it in an illustrative and fresh way, celebrating the beautiful gem colours of the Sydney coastline.  Pick up watercolour tips and techniques while enjoying a fun and involved watercolour lesson.
Join Jenny for the Manly View. 
Note - you'll need a turquoise paint and a white gouache to complete this picture. 

ROSETTE SUCCULENT    Escape into the beauty of nature, painting this gorgeous rosette succulent in spearmint greens and mauves, or colours of your choice. This tutorial includes a fully painted demonstration, lots of instruction, and simple explanations. You won't be guessing about colours, techniques or design, with a template provided should you need it. (you would need to print it from a screen shot.) This should take you about 60+ minutes to complete, plus plenty of drying time between layers. Join Jenny and paint yourself a beautiful artwork, Rosette Succulent.

SAILING ON PITTWATER - Enjoy learning how to paint this gorgeous sailing boat.  You can feel the breeze and sun of this ocean themed picture.  In tones of green, blue and teal, the fresh white sails stand out in contrast against the darker hills. You'll learn about clouds, leaving white, water and reflections, and the art of suggestion rather than painting a whole object. 
This painting should take you about 60 minutes plus drying time. The drawing element is described in detail on screen, so you don't have to worry about recreating the scene.  Look for more tutorials on Welcome to Watercolour's VOD channel, and more to come weekly.

FIELD OF POPPIES - Delightfully simple and effective, but with a number of layers, this watercolour tutorial is perfect for beginners to intermediate painters, who would like to try a full, but fairly uncomplicated landscape painting.  Everything is explained, from brushstrokes to equipment, technique to tips.  Jenny will guide you, step by step, through the process and layers to produce a pretty Poppy painting.   This should take painters who have some experience around 30 minutes to complete with extra time for drying.

CACTUS POTS Bright and cheerful, fun and interesting, this cute row of Cactus Pots will keep you busy for an hour or so.
Love the fresh colours, great textures, and shapes and sizes, which give this picture interest. Learn about creating your own greens, how to add spines, flowers, stripes, and shadows.   This picture is great for anyone with a little bit of watercolour knowledge, from beginners to more experienced painters.
It will take around 60 - 80 minutes to complete, plus drying time. See our Home page at

MISTY CITISCAPE  A great one for beginners, enjoy painting this misty city-scape, in greys and blues or a colourscheme of your choice.  So easy you'll be surprised.  This tutorial includes a full demonstration, lots of instruction, and simple explanations. This should take you about 30 - 40 minutes to complete, plus plenty of drying time between the multiple layers.

THE PURPLE STARFISH (you can make it whatever colour you want) is a fully instructed and demonstrated watercolour tutorial, for any level of painter. Create an attractive artwork for your home or as a gift, with this easy to follow step by step guide. Enjoy fresh applications of colour, and pick up watercolour tips and techniques while enjoying a fun watercolour lesson.
Join Jenny for The Purple Starfish.
You'll need at least 30 minutes to complete this project, plus extra drying time between layers.
note: Masking fluid and brush required.

a Satisfyingly long tutorial of about 2 hours, you'll paint an a3 size painting from start to finish, fully demonstrated, with an extra mini lesson on how to, and how NOT to, draw Australian trees, and trees in general.  This tutorial  would suit painters with some experience, and you'll need at least 3hrs to complete this project, perhaps plus extra drying time between layers. Enjoy full explanations, and thought processes in this atmospheric Australian Landscape.


COOL TREES   Paint a lovely copse of trees, shady and cool, backlit from a glow behind.  Learn about negative painting, layering, cool colours, and underpainting.  All the colour recipes given, and drawing skills explained.   Enjoy an hour of painting, and a few breaks of drying time.  Skills learned in this tutorial will be useful for so many landscape paintings. Enjoy.

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