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Beginner's Stage 2 ~ ZOOM


(Not Absolute Beginners)
10 weeks starts -  Wednesday, 14th October - 16 Dec

WHO:  NEW students are welcome:  you will either be:  students of Jenny's who have completed Stage 1 Absolute Beginners, or painters who know the absolute basics of watercolour, all about artist quality equipment, all the foundation skills etc. 
WHERE: Online, at home, on Zoom. 

WHEN:     Wednesdays,  6pm - 8.30pm.  Log into class at 5.45pm.  Australian Eastern Standard Time. 
Class starts at 6pm.  Term STARTS  14th October - 16 Dec  - 10 weeks

REQUIREMENTS:  An equipment list link is provided on this page. (See green button)  Students are required to provide their own equipment. Some items are compulsory. Please do not buy things that are not on the list. If you are new to Jenny's classes, be equipped and set up with whatever you have, it's fine if you don't want to buy extra, however you MUST have Arches 300gsm paper, and a decent sized natural hair brush. As for colours, if you need to buy new paint, buy the colours on the equipment list only. You will also need a device such as a laptop, computer or tablet/ipad with a camera, and the zoom software. (Jenny will help.)
ZOOM: Easy to use, and a free, personal, 5-10 minute intro to zoom with Jenny for any of Jenny's previous class members who are unfamiliar with zoom. Don't know what zoom is, or how it works?  don't worry. Read 'How to love zoom' below.  Students are emailed a recurring joining link for the meeting, which they simply click on every week. 

PRICE:   $345 for 10 week term. ($13.80 ph) paid by the term. 

Please note Ts and Cs. Please do not ask for further discounted/shortened weeks. We cannot offer refunds, credits, transfers  or makeups for missed weeks after term start date due to your individual circumstances.  (holidays, illness, work etc.)   Please check terms and conditions pages for full details  and book carefully.
STUDENTS WHO ARE OWED FOR LAST TERM when covid struck: Please use the voucher Jenny has emailed you when you enrol to get your 1 or 2 week refund. Put the code in the field named "coupon code" on the first page of checkout. For early payers, you also will receive an email shortly.

HOW TO LOVE ZOOM:  If you are unsure, never used zoom, don't like technology, worried.  Don't Panic!  Jenny will offer a 5 minute free zoom tutorial, online WITH YOU INDIVIDUALLY prior to class.  You will get instructions how to set up, (don't worry, it's not as bad as setting up a Video recorder...haha)  then you will join a 'fake' meeting, where you will meet Jenny (and only Jenny) and we'll go through the couple of things there are to know.  It's so easy, you'll be so surprised.  You will also be emailed a 'how to love zoom' printed tutorial. AND there are tons of tutorials (not that you'll need them) online. 


 This class is perfect for students who have either:  done the Stage 1 course with Jenny before, or who KNOW the basic foundation skills of watercolour and about watercolour equipment and would like to learn more. Please do not join this class if you have had no experience learning watercolour as we do not go over the basics.   The aim of this class is fun and relaxation, while learning serious stuff along the way.   :)  We'll start adding to your basic techniques and get you  putting things together.   You'll add to your colours in the 2nd half of the course, with a few more tubes, and learn important tips and tricks to add to your toolkit!   Your tutor is experienced artist and teacher, Jenny Gilchrist.
Please come to class with all your equipment, and if you have any trouble obtaining it, see the Art Shop recommendations in the equipment list.  More Questions?  Contact Jenny at  northernbeacheswatercolour@outlook.com.au or use the contact button in the top menu. 


LEARN  ~   PAINT   ~   ENJOY: 
This term we're going to paint easy snow scenes, shells, negative painted leaves or frangipani, learn about masking fluid, paint rocks and foregrounds, learn more about tones, paint some glorious skies, do a still life, learn design, and so much more. 

*Multiple Artist demonstrations every week
*Interesting and varied subjects to paint. 
*Emailed  notes every week - with class summary and optional exercises.
*subjects such as simple landscape,  drawing skills, still life, characteristics of your paint, painting stone walls, skies, sunsets and storms, abstract effects, mixing your own greens, painting trees and landscapes, and negative painting, and more. 
* gorgeous colour mixing, special 'recipes' and how to make the best of your colours.
*creating watercolour effects
*how to create fresh paintings and avoid 'mud'.
*some drawing skill tips.

*Painting in layers, how and why. 
* Making tones stand out.
*How to fix mistakes and correct problems
*exercises and artworks to copy
*paint your own gorgeous paintings from the very first lesson.
*This class has ongoing terms that you can sign up for - for a complete course of 30+ weeks if you wish. Do as many or few as you want, and you're welcome to come for as long as you like. Furthermore, you can sign up for the ongoing painter's group which moves on from Beginner's class.  Heaps of fun, and tons more to learn.
This is not a term for
absolute beginners, PAINTERS are expected to come to this class with some knowledge of the foundation techniques.

 BOOKING conditions apply, see    Bookings and refund page.​

About Zoom: 
Zoom is a software application that allows users to have meetings,  workshops and webinars online through the use of your device's camera and audio system.  
You DO NOT have to have a Zoom account to attend or participate in  a Zoom meeting or workshop.
But you do need to have Zoom downloaded to your device that you intend using. 
You can download Zoom, free and easily to your device, a number of ways:  from the url www.zoom.us  , (Zoom client for meetings) , or the App Store on iphones and ipads, or Google Play on android.   
OR  Jenny will email you with workshop details in the days prior to your workshop.  There will be a zoom link in the email.  If you haven't already, you will be prompted to download the software, once you have clicked on the link that you have been provided. You can do this in plenty of time before the workshop. (simply click it again when it's time for the workshop.)  You  may be prompted to make an account, but you DO NOT need an account, as the joiner.  When starting the workshop, click the link, you'll be asked if you want to join use computer audio and video. Say yes, and there you are!

You'll see your tutor through two cameras, one pointing at the 
workspace for a direct view of the painting area and palette. >

Note: Zoom workshops are NOT recorded to protect your privacy
and NBW copyright.  You may screenshot if you wish but   may not reproduce screenshots of NBW tutorials without our  
express permission.   Class notes will be emailed after the workshop

What you need for Jenny's Zoom Workshops: 
1. A valid email address - which you are able to check and to receive your zoom instant-join link and password.
2. A computer, laptop or tablet with the free Zoom application installed from Google Play or App Store 
3. On that same device - a functioning webcam / camera and functioning audio/speakers  (as the Zoom application is a video link.) Most ipads and tablets and smartphones have an integrated camera, some laptops have an integrated camera, or you could buy and install a webcam. 
4. You'll also need the equipment listed  under the equipment tab. 

About Payment: 
Australians: bank deposit, credit card, debit card, paypal. Bank deposit must be cleared 3 days before 1st before class.
International visitors: credit card or paypal options only.  NO bank deposit.


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