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BUY your colours, and more, in one place for a GREAT price.

In 2020 I spent months researching the price of watercolour paint in Australia, in an effort to save my students and myself money.  In particular I was looking at one of the world's best brands, Winsor & Newton - which for me, was prohibitively expensive in Australia, given I use so much of it.
Pricing is complicated.  Various brands, each with various series (price categories), and retail outlets charging their own prices, which sometimes vary by $20 or more a 5ml tube!  
I did not want to pay $5.00 for 1 x millilitre of paint. (True. that's how much Cobalt blue costs on average.) That's 1/5 of a teaspoon.  
My research showed me three things.

1. Know your local prices - you must know the average price of your brand, and each of it's series.

2. Buy in bulk.  The biggest tubes possible.  The drop in price is simply amazing per ml.  Most brands offer larger tubes.

3. Buy from place of origin.  My research shows that Amazon Australia has huge pulling power, and can obtain Overseas brands such as Winsor and Newton (the worlds best) for a fraction of the price.

So for your convenience - I have compiled a list of all the class colours, from all the levels, and also added various other bits of equipment that I could find, on Amazon Australia.
You may still wish to purchase these things in store, locally, of course.   If you decide to buy Austalian paint Art Spectrum, you SHOULD buy it locally.  There are also items on your lists that I have not been able to source on Amazon Australia.  For these you will need to do your own research.

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1. First ensure you make an Amazon Australia account.  If you are on a mobile, find the  Amazon Au app in the app store, and install it on your phone or tablet.  If you are on a pc, no need. Just go to
https://www.amazon.com.au/ and click create an account.

2. Always sign into your account, so that you have a record of your purchases.

3. I like to pay by paypal, this way I have two records of my purchases. (but there are lots of pay options)

4. Remember, you don't HAVE to buy this brand or from here. It's just the best price I have found.

5. Buy the biggest tube you feel comfortable with.  You may prefer to buy smaller to start if you're unsure you will like watercolour.

6. Ensure you check the 'shipping time', and that you give yourself enough time. Buy early.

LEVEL 1 PAINT - Winsor & Newton Brand                  (more items will be added later.)                                        

LEVEL 2 PAINT - Winsor & Newton Brand

LEVEL 4 PAINT - Winsor & Newton Brand (there are no new colours for Level 3.)

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