Painter's Group - Level 5 
Graduated student painters who have completed Levels 1-4 

 Live and Free on Zoom.

Watercolour workshops in Sydney and online
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Can I join?


If you have completed Stages 1-4 of Jenny's course, then you can join the VIP's for free while we are on Zoom.
(Price will revert back to normal once we get back to face to face.) 

STAGE 5 - If you are an NBW full course graduate from ANY venue or zoom or online (and have completed the entire stages 1-4) then this is for you.  Now is the time to spread your sable 'wings' and enjoy some individual painting of subjects of your choice.  For Students who prefer to have a subject suggested - we have an expanding library of enjoyable and varied watercolour subjects ready for you to paint.

You have learned techniques to set you up for a life of enjoyable watercolour painting.   Practice makes perfect, and brush-mileage is an imperative part of your painting experience, whether it's exercises, small designs or full-on painted artworks.   You can paint what you want, in the style you want, the size you prefer, and explore!
This  2.5 hour group is for watercolour painters  who would like to paint their own projects AND continue to learn more with tutor Jenny ready to lend a hand with tips and techniques where necessary.  
Note: if you need to stock up on colours - we have SUPER CHEAP prices in our
PAINT SHOP in the Winsor and Newton brand, plus brush options too.

                            * Please Note - Conditions (see below) apply.  It is important that you read this page carefully.


IF YOU ARE NOT A STUDENT WHO HAS completed Stages 1-4, and who would like to paint in class, there are 2 options.
a) if you are an NBW student, who is joining a day where you have NOT done the class level that is being broadcast, you will need to pay the regular class fee.

b) if you are an NBW student who is joining a day where the broadcast class IS a level you have completed, you pay the regular $180 Painter's group price.
c) If you are not an NBW student, I'm sorry we are unable to accommodate you in Painters group, this group is for NBW students only.



This is a class where your SKILLS catch up to your KNOWLEDGE!
Learn how to paint full and complicated pictures in beautiful watercolour 

Live on Zoom   



























































Watercolour workshops in Sydney and online

FREE & Live - on Zoom

Classes will start early 2021 Live on Zoom.

Day:  ANY day that a Zoom class is being offered.  Please see  other class Levels.

Time:  The same time that the zoom class is being broadcast.
Start Date: Jan / Feb 2021

End Date: March 2021
Price: FREE - as long as classes are run on zoom.
**NOTE:  TO JOIN THIS CLASS:  YOU must be a graduated NBW student who has FULLY COMPLETED ALL LEVELS 1-4 of the course.  Other options above, please contact Jenny.

9 x 2.5 hour classes over a 9 week Term. 
Live, with tutor Jenny and the class, on zoom where you can listen, watch, & paint in the class group - while painting your own subjects, or choosing a subject from the subject library on Northern Beaches Watercolour Pinterest page.


It has been a pleasure teaching you for so long, and I'm delighted to offer these Painting Group sessions to my graduated students for FREE since it is difficult for me to be able to help and comment on your work through zoom or online.  I have felt you were not getting enough value from a paid class, however, you certainly do get some value out of re-experiencing all the class content you have previously done, as a wonderful revision.

Private and exclusive facebook group for students only to enjoy if you want to post your work, comments or questions. If you are unsure about zoom, email me and I'll send you a basic 'how to' sheet. See contact page.

Student requirements for Zoom.
Over 18 years ONLY, NO minors.
A valid email address to receive the zoom link and emailed class information every week.
A device with an inbuilt camera eg: ipad, tablet, laptop, computer, or LARGE smartphone.
The Zoom App downloaded on your device.
A big enough device that you can see the screen easily.
An Internet connection.

Note: Class recordings are NOT available to students due to protection and privacy laws. 

Jenny Gilchrist teaches watercolour art classes to adults online
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