If you have completed Stages 1-4 of Jenny's course, then you can join the VIP'
s for free while we are on Zoom. 

STAGE 5 - If you are an NBW full course graduate from ANY venue ( stages 1-4) then this is for you.  Now is the time to spread your sable 'wings' and enjoy some individual painting of subjects of your choice.  For Students who prefer to have a subject suggested - we have an expanding library of enjoyable and varied watercolour subjects ready for you to paint.

You have learned techniques to set you up for a life of enjoyable watercolour painting.   Practice makes perfect, and brush-mileage is an imperative part of your painting experience, whether it's exercises, small designs or full-on painted artworks.   You can paint what you want, in the style you want, the size you prefer, and explore!
This  2.5 hour group is for watercolour painters  who would like to paint their own projects AND continue to learn more with tutor Jenny ready to lend a hand with tips and techniques where necessary.  

                            * Please Note - Conditions (see below) apply.  It is important that you read this page carefully.
                               This group is largely independent, and is provided as a venue for NBW 'graduated'
                               students only.  Tutor is teaching an evening class  Stages 1-4  at this time on zoom.
                               Painting Group students are seated separately from the Stage class.  Full conditions below. 


Who? - Graduated NBW Watercolour Painters/Students  only.  Open to, and limited to any adult NBW Student who has completed Jenny's Stage 1-3 course,  at any venue, from any time.  Non-graduates are not permitted .
Where? - Online, at home, on zoom with the current Wednesday night class.
When?Wednesday  or Friday mornings, duration of 2.5 hours each session  from 10am to 12.30pm. 
Term - 14 Oct/16 October  - 16/18 Dec. 

Price: 10 weeks - $180.


How to join - Please click the Book Now button, which will take you to the online store, where you can pay online via paypal, direct deposit, credit card or debit card.  Your place in this group is held only with full payment. 
Questions? Problems?  Please email Jenny at

EQUIPMENT:  Students must supply their own equipment (paint, brushes, paper and tools etc.)  and subject.  Jenny Recommends artist quality equipment.  An equipment list can be found on this website if desired.  

Please Note Ts & Cs -  Please do not ask for further discounted/shortened terms.  We cannot offer refunds, credits or makeups for missed weeks after term start date due to your individual circumstances.  (holidays, illness, work etc.)   Please check terms and conditions pages for full details  and book carefully choosing the appropriate option above. 

Students must have their own subject to paint every week, - tip - look on Jenny's Pinterest for ideas -
All other painting equipment will be your choice. 


  • You will be able to watch and enjoy all the demonstrations since you'll be able to hear and see them easily.  A great way to repeat a class!  There is nothing like revision of the basic skills to remind you of what you've already forgotten!!
    Its hard to remember everything after being told only once, sometimes the smallest thing can make the biggest difference. 
    Join us, and sneak a full revision lesson in, while painting your own thing!!

  • PRICE?   Free.  As you have allowed me to enjoy your company for so long, you deserve it!! (Free while we are on zoom.)

  • THE SUBJECT FOLDER:  Unfortunately I don't have all the folder ideas online, however you can find lots of my ideas on pinterest above.  I made a special folder for you called "Painter's Group Subject Libary"  It there on my Northern Beaches Watercolour Pinterest and you can print out, or have the picture on another screen to paint. 

  • Painters are able to continue their watercolour journey, painting subjects that they are more 'in tune' with, often giving a much more pleasing result.

  • Students each week, either get THEIR OWN SUBJECT TO PAINT  -from photos, imagination,  past NBW 'homeworks', ideas out of books, your own objects (flowers etc) still life, whatever you choose  - you paint your own choice of subjects OR choose out of our pinterest library. 

  • When tutor is able, one-on-one assistance if desired, to achieve the best out of your artwork.  Jenny will try to catch up with you at least once during the class, and again later. 

  • Note: Whilst early lessons of new Stage 1 are occurring, tutor may not be able to spend as much time as normal.

  • Tutor will occasionally be able to give quick demonstrations to help you achieve your result. (Dependant on available time).

  • As we are on Zoom, it is much harder for Jenny to converse with you, and see what you are doing. However, I  encourage you to email me (or post on facebook) a picture of your work, whether finished or not, for critique and tips.  This will occur only once, and cannot be a conversation, simply a critique within the week following that lesson.

SPECIAL CONDITIONS FOR THIS GROUP:   As Jenny is teaching a CONCURRENT Stage class on Zoom, 

  • Before you can enrol, you are required to have ALREADY completed Stages 1-3 of the NBW course.

  • Please refrain from talking during the Stage class, however, you are welcome to use the Chat facility on zoom to chat with your paint group mates PRIVATELY.  

  • If Jenny is free and you require some help or input, you are welcome to raise your hand icon, or speak when there is a break. 

  • Painters will be asked to kindly refrain from talking during 'lecture' periods when tutor is speaking. 

  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY & THE SUBJECT FOLDER and of WORKS FROM PINTEREST. Please be aware that you may NOT sell, publically show, POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA, or otherwise promote your artwork which is a copy of another person's picture or painting.  If posted online, you must give credit to the original artist.

  • No minimum of students for your group, booking is dependent on numbers in the other class.

  • Instruction will be  dependent on breaks in instruction during Stage class.  ​​

  • Your email or facebook critique will be within the week following class only, one critique, (sorry, not a conversation.)

  • Normal booking and cancellation conditions apply, please see the Refund Policy, Terms and Conditions page. 


No minimum for this class. 

More Questions?  Contact Jenny at or use the contact button in the top menu.  

 BOOKING conditions apply, see    Bookings and refund page.​


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