Friday Watercolour Classes
- at Collaroy Swim Club



Absolute Beginners  (Stage 1)  Watercolour Painting Class - started 18th October, 2019

WHO:  Anyone over 18yrs.
  Collaroy Swim Club above the Collaroy Beach Surf Club (beach side). Find the glass door leading upstairs.
WHEN:  Fridays,  TERM STARTS  18th October 2019 - 20th December, 10.00am - 12.30pm (2.5 hours). Door is open from 9.45am. 
REQUIREMENTS:  An equipment list is provided on this page. (See  yellow button)  Students are required to provide their own equipment. Some items are compulsory.
OPTION 1:   $335 for FULL TERM of 9 weeks - only $14.80 per hour!
OPTION 2:  $310 Buy any 8 (of the 9 available) weeks option (and if you find you can come to the last one pay $40 cash, before class, on the day.) Great for those who are unsure of their availability, or going on hols.

This is Stage 1, of 4 stages, which you may sign up for if you wish.
PARKING:  FREE parking available in the near vicinity.  Park off the main road so you are not metered.
Note: parking can be inconsisent, particularly in summer  - carparks and local secondary roads offer the best parking.  

Ts & Cs - Please check terms and conditions pages for full details  and book carefully choosing the appropriate option above. 


IS THIS YOU?   Never picked up a watercolour brush?  or fiddled around with the medium but never learned how to paint? 
Maybe you have painted in the medium but never had formal lessons and would like to learn skills right from the basics, or painters who have previously learned to paint, but would like to revise and pick up the knowledge again right from the foundation skills.   Students need no experience whatsoever.  

The aim of this class is fun, while learning serious stuff along the way.   :)  We'll start from the basics and have tons of fun doing it.  You'll be so surprised what you can do after only a couple of lessons.    Your tutor is experienced artist and teacher, Jenny Gilchrist.
You'll be taught many of the necessary techniques for composition, and will build up skills to create artworks you will be proud of. Please come to class with all your equipment, (Yes, we paint on the first lesson!) set it all up in the 15 mins prep time, and if you have any trouble obtaining it, see the Art Shop recommendations in the equipment list.  More Questions?  Contact Jenny at or use the contact button in the top menu. 


Course Features:
*What equipment to have, and how to use it. Why Artist Quality?
*How to apply the paint - manipulating the brush, washes, charging, painting in, and more.
* Colour mixing with your colours.
* Painting in layers.
*Painting wet in wet
* thumbnails, tone and monochrome
* other special  brush techniques
* perspective, techniques, abstract and many other skills and methods. 
** gorgeous colour mixing, special 'recipes' and how to make the best of your colours.
*creating watercolour effects

* all about water ratios and cauliflowers.
*how to create fresh paintings and avoid 'mud'.
*some drawing skill tips.

*shading and soft edges

*aerial perspective
*How to fix mistakes and correct problems
*exercises and artworks to copy
*paint your own gorgeous paintings from the very first lesson.

*fun subjects such as florals, landscapes, fruit, still life, leaves, cityscape, and so much more. 
* Individual attention for every student, preserving the student's own style

*multiple Artist demonstrations every week,

*interesting and varied subjects to paint

*take home notes most every week with class summary and optional extra homework.
*This class has 3+ ongoing terms that you can sign up for if you want to continue.  Each term continues on where you left of in the prior term, and in your same venue, and at your same time.  (Always ensure you book in ASAP for continuing terms. )


If you have any questions about whether it would fit your 'skill' level, check out our new quiz under the 'classes' tab.  Don't ever be worried that you're 'not good enough'.  That's what classes are all about!!!  Discuss it with me.

THIS IS a Beginners course, and not suitable for advanced painters unless you are happy to start back at the 'start'.   
BOOKING conditions apply, see
 bookings and refund page.​


NOTE:  This venue has a very small group (max 6) of independent painting (Jenny's NBW Graduated) students who paint at the opposite end of the room, and who are not part of your class.  They will not interact with your class group during session. 

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