Wednesday Watercolour Classes
- at Collaroy Swim Club



Consolidation  (Stage 4)  Watercolour Painting 
"Putting it all together."

Guided Paintings.
10 weeks starting  Wednesdays, 14th October 2020 - 16 Dec


If you are a watercolour painter who knows the basic foundation skills of watercolour,
.....but you are not so clear on how to begin putting all that information together into a full painting...
Then THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU.  (see further details below.) 

This is a class where your SKILL CAN CATCH UP TO YOUR KNOWLEDGE!


WHO:  NBW students who have completed stages 1-3,   OR painters who already know ALL the techniques. Note - we do not teach application skills in this class. We are no longer teaching technique, or doing exercises, but instead are putting techniques together to paint beautiful full paintings.
IMPORTANT:  You will be painting full sized paintings 1/8 - 1/4 sheets, and it is important that you read this page.

WHAT: Please read this full page. This term is quite different from preceding ones.  Jenny will supply a subject. You will be required to prepare (draw up, make a thumbnail etc) PRIOR to class every week. Short demonstrations and an explanation will precede your class where you paint the subject using techniques you've already learned.  You will be guided through every stp of these FULL PAINTINGS of approximately 1/4 sheet each.  
WHERE:   Collaroy Swim Club above the Collaroy Beach Surf Club (beach side). Find the glass door leading upstairs.
WHEN:  Wednesdays,  14th October - 16th December, 10am - 12.30pm.  Doors open at 9.45am. 
(until then, why don't you join our Zoom tutorials of full paintings, see zoom under classes tab.

REQUIREMENTS:  An equipment list is provided on this page. (See  yellow button)  Students are required to provide their own equipment. Some items are compulsory.

PRICE:  for this term, please examine the options below.


  • OPTION 1 - the full 10 weeks $370 (only 14.80 per hour!)

  • OPTION 2 - any 9 of the 10 weeks  - $345 (incase you have to miss a class.) If you make all the classes simply pay $40 for the last lesson. 

Please Note Ts & Cs -  Please do not ask for further discounted/shortened terms.  We cannot offer refunds, credits or makeups for missed weeks after term start date due to your individual circumstances.  (holidays, illness, work etc.)   Please check terms and conditions pages for full details  and book carefully choosing the appropriate option above. 
PARKING:  FREE parking available in the near vicinity.  Park off the main road so you are not metered.
Note: parking can be inconsisent, particularly in summer  - carparks and local secondary roads offer the best parking.  


                                                                DON'T STOP READING: HERE'S THE FUN STUFF:
                                                              Do you ask yourself some of these questions? 

When do I paint the background?
How and why do I paint in layers?
Can I paint over that, or do I need to paint around it?
How do I simplify this?
How can I paint light?
I can't plan a full painting.
I get half way and don't know what to do next.
What is the easiest way to stop paint running together?
how do I stop fiddling? (ha ha...good luck!)
When should I use this brush?
Why am I getting these brushmarks.

Should I rub out pencil marks?
I keep getting muddled up. What do I do now?
How do I plan a painting?
What do I paint first? next...?  next??
When is dark, dark enough?

How wet should my wash be?

How can I get darker? 
I want to paint a landscape but have no idea where to start.
I don't know what to paint! I can never think of subjects.


If you have completed Jenny's stages 1-3, OR if you have a solid foundation of knowledge of watercolour painting and have previously been taught how to paint (as an adult) but would like to brush up, (ha ha) then this class would suit you.In this term we put together all of the techniques we have learned over the year, and create full paintings. Please do not join this class if you have had no experience learning watercolour .

DETAILS:  The aim of this class is to understand how to consolidate all the basic techniques to produce layers, and  where different brushstrokes, techniques and applications create more complicated full paintings.  As a beginner student, we often 'know' more than we can 'do'.  Learning to paint is simply a matter of time and experience.  Experience is what we aim to achieve in this class.

Jenny just LOVES doing full painting tutorials, and has got a lot of extra experience doing zoom classes online.
You just wait and see what we paint now!

Your tutor,  artist and teacher, Jenny Gilchrist, provides the painting subject for each class. This can comprise of a real life subject, such as  a still life or view, a photographic subject or a previously painted subject.  Students will be instructed and reminded how to put their pictures together, from the planning and designing stage, to the application and layering stages. 
Full of fun and challenge, this is a great fun term consolidating your knowledge, and you'll be so surprised at what you can achieve.  Our previous Narrabeen and Collaroy groups were so happily surprised at their fantastic achievements - beautifully detailed, complicated, full paintings that they didn't know they could manage.

Some of the GUIDED PAINTINGS YOU will be PAINTING:  (These are subject to change without notice.)

A jug of watercolour paint brushes.
A pair of old boots, ballet slippers or joggers.
Some beautiful wet into wet landscapes.
Simple waterscenes
Lovely evening scene

Gorgeous field of flowers.

Pen and wash window boxes or street scene

Negative painting leaves, gumnuts or similar.
A pair of budgerigars
A boat in the water....any or all of these subjects may be included.


This term is about BRUSH MILEAGE, preparing you to paint your own subjects by yourself.   We'll use step by step basics you already know to create our artworks.   As with all Jenny's classes homework is set (to finish your weekly painting). Also - ** Each week students will receive the subject for the following week and are expected to prepare tonal, thumbnail sketches and draw up the subject for next week, as we do not have time in class to do this.
Students should be prepared to take their own notes if desired, on the method and techniques and colours used to produce each week's work.   Each student will receive a printed copy of the subject, often in a series of progress photos, (except where subject is a still life.)   Please come to class with all your equipment, from stages 1, 2 and 3 if you are an NBW student (see under the equipment list what is required), and if you have any trouble obtaining it, see the Art Shop recommendations in the equipment list. 
If you are brand new to Northern Beaches Watercolour, check out the equipment list, but bring whatever you want (except for the compulsory items).   More Questions?  Contact Jenny at or use the contact button in the top menu.  


Course Features:
*Multiple Artist demonstrations every week
tudents are given the following week's subject to prepare - a thumbnail sketch, tonal sketch, to draw up on their paper, at home, prior to class as we do not have time to do this in class.
*Students are provided a full sized, prepainted(by Jenny) example of the subject to view and discuss. 

* Handout containing Progress photos of the painting of that subject. 
*Interesting and varied subjects to paint, sometimes as a series of small paintings but usually as a single larger work.
* Your Painting sizes will be larger than in Stages 1-3, from compulsory 1/8 watercolour sheet to 1/4 sheet, or bigger if you choose.
*subjects will be very varied and may include those such as water scenes, country scenes, florals, full pen and watercolour wash, illustration style from real life, painting plants or fruit, negative painting,  bush scene, garden scene, interior scene, etc...
*some drawing skill tips.
*How to fix mistakes and correct problems.

*Step by step instruction, to design, construct and layer your painting.
*Most weeks paintings will not be able to be finished in class time and students may continue their paintings at home with the aid of the progress photo handout. 
*Occasional review of a technique required.   
*paint your own gorgeous paintings from the very first lesson.
* Individual attention for every student, preserving the student's own style

* strong focus on each individual's 'problem' areas, to try to break bad habits. 
*We have two great options:
     a) the full course or
      b) an option for students who think they might  have to miss a class or two.  Go and check the options! 
*Coffee and tea (sugar and milk) provided.
*this is the final term for the beginners course, and we welcome new students to it.  Later,  students can sign up for an ongoing painter's group if there are places available. (Narrabeen Wed evenings, Collaroy Wed mornings, Collaroy Friday mornings  Heaps of fun, and tons more to learn.​ )

This is not a term for beginners, and painters are expected to come to this class with knowledge of the foundation techniques.

 BOOKING conditions apply, see    Bookings and refund page.​

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