Ienny's Classes Waiting List.

 I will email you once, and maybe text once when a class is open for enrollment.  Don't ignore me please.  Respond as soon as possible.  You need to keep your email/phone no updated obviously.
This wait list and the communication is a courtesy, hopefully to make it easier for you.  Would you kindly HAVE THE COURTESY to respond to my text or emails as soon as possible, even if the answer is that you can't attend.  I would rather know that it no longer suits you, or that you would prefer to keep waiting, than be in limbo. 
Please add my email address to your CONTACTS list so it doesn't go to junk and you don't miss my invitation: 
  • see note below about Wait list times - No wait list for Stages 2-4 or Paint Group. You can probably choose a class immediately, have a look at the Classes lists and pages. contact me if you want to know where you are on the list. 
  • Wait list applies to Absolute Beginners Face to Face , Absolute Beginners Online, and other stages too.

when you've finished here add our two email addresses to your contact AND subscribe to udates. See details below. 

Note about Jenny's Absolute Beginners' waiting list:

1. IMPORTANT!  Please ensure you respond to my first email ASAP even if the answer is that you cannot attend.  Don't ignore me.  I will take you off my list if I never receive a response.  I will try once, maybe twice.  (Do you sense some frustration?)  PLEASE ENSURE our email addresses are in your contact list AND safe senders list to avoid my contact going into your junk mail or being blocked by spam filter  (this seems to very often happen.)    AND   

NOTE RE COVID-19 - This waiting list is extremely useful during covid-19 since I can't carry on my classes as usual, you would be very wise to put your name down for any stage, for whenever classes reopen.  This goes for both night, day, online and face to face.
Usually NO wait time for Stages 2 - 4 or the painting groups.
There is a short wait list time for Stage 1 day class, (contrary to rumours I've heard of it being years!!! NO!) 
A slightly longer wait for night class, as I only start a night class once a year. 
For Online classes, I have no idea.  with Covid situation being in flux.  At the moment, NO waiting list for online. Please register anyway.

However, put your name down asap, as students are taken off the waiting list chronologically.  You may get a spot much quicker than you think as people drop off, or if I add another class!  People change their minds, go on hols, never answer ( how rude!!) , or for whatever reason can't enrol. This means that sometimes I get right to the bottom of the list, and you can be lucky!! Please always specify which days you can do and type your email and phone number carefully. The wait list for nights is much longer than the one for day class, as I have more day classes than nights. 


3. GET UPDATES OF CLASSES BY SIGNING UP TO NEWSLETTERS: Please sign up for fun and important updates with the 'subscribe button on the home page.   We send a newsletter about once a month (sometimes twice.) 
4. ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS:  We have a few new Absolute Beginner classes starting each year. Usually one night class and two day classes.  We keep our waiting list in Chronological order, so you can be sure that you will be contacted IN TURN when there is a new class.   Please let me know in the waitlist if you can only do certain times.

5. Your junk mail folder:  If you can't find your email, check your junk mail or spam folder. (You should have added our email above, into your safe senders, or contact list.

6.  OTHER LEVELS: If you are interested in other Stages (not absolute beginners), then you may also fill out this form, noting your level.   Please also subscribe to newsletter updates (home page.) This way, you'll see upcoming classes in the newsletter and may enrol immediately in any stage from Stage 2 onwards. There is no waiting list for Stages 2-4 or Paint group. In fact, if you look in the class list, you might find something available next term!
(Email Jenny if not sure - we can see if we can find you a spot.) 

7.  NOT REALLY SURE which stage is right for you?   Try our quick quiz - click button below. 

 8. Your Privacy:  Your information is never passed onto 3rd Parties. By filling out this form you are agreeing to have this information stored on NBW's waiting list and contact list, and receive newsletter updates on classes.  If you do not wish to receive further emails, please email us with the word "unsubscribe", and we will remove you immediately.  You may have access to, or have your information removed at any time. We never use your information for other means, and never pass it onto 3rd parties.