Watercolour Workshops.

  Under the Sea

Half Day workshop - 4 hours.
North Curl Curl Community Centre.

Sunday 15th July, 2018

10am - 2pm, $80 pp. 

WHEN: Sun, 15 July. 10.00am - 2pm - please arrive 15 minutes early to set up, but no earlier.
 Doors Open at 9.45am.
LEVEL: Beginners to Intermediate Levels.(Not absolute beginners)
** For Absolute Beginners who have never painted at all - PLEASE READ THE NOTE BELOW!
WHO: Adults 18+ only.
** re Children:  No children allowed on the premises.  Outside area is not suitable for unsupervised children. Please do not bring children to this workshop. 
WHERE: North Curl Curl Community Hall - 2 Griffin Rd, North Curl Curl.
PARKING:  Plenty of parking available onsite. 
EQUIPMENT: Students supply own watercolour equipment and lunch.  (see list below)
COST:  $80 PER PERSON including Tea/Coffee/Milk/Sugar provided. (require own cup.)


WHAT:   From quick and easy to a little more complicated, this workshop is all about Underwater beauty - watercolour is the PERFECT medium for this watery world.  We'll paint a variety of  underwater objects from the very simple, but lots of fun, to the quirky, and up to the slightly more complicated and difficult.  You'll be surprised at the easy step by step results.  Possible subjects include: corals, bubbles, starfish, octopi, jellyfish, seaweed, shells, fish and more.  These great ideas and pictures can be later utilised on gift cards, or in beautiful ocean-themed frames for your wall or a gift, or as study for part of a larger project.  
Students will receive individual attention, step by step instruction, drawing aids such as tracers or photos, and can enjoy the relaxed and fun atmosphere of our undersea tutorials. 
Students can sit where they like, and will are allocated 1/2 trestle table space each.  
Note: ** Absolute Beginners:  Not really suitable for Absolute beginners who have never painted in watercolour before.  This workshop will not discuss the application of paint or foundation techniques. It is assumed that students already know the absolute basics of watercolour painting. We will go right into painting at the 'experienced' beginner level and work through to some more complicated designs towards the end of the workshop. We should get between 4-6 little projects finished.

A coffee cup - we have 10 minutes for a morning tea/coffee. We will supply regular tea, coffee, milk and sugar.  
An easy/quick  lunch (there are no heating appliances available for our use in this facility.) We have 15 mins for lunch.
EQUIPMENT LIST:   YOUR regular watercolour equipment (students supply their own).
Please bring whatever you have, however, some items compulsory (see below) and for best results please bring: 


  • Compulsory Paper:  1 full sheet of Arches  or Saunders Waterford 300gsm watercolour paper - rough or medium texture. ($14 - $18 per sheet). Please tear or cut into 1/4s  before class.

  • Compulsory : a board big enough to tape 1/4 paper onto eg: 35 - 45cm. (gatorboard, corflute, perspex, etc - no clip please).

  • Compulsory: an old towel, or a plastic picnic tablecloth or drop sheet to cover council tables.

  • Artist Quality Paint - eg Art Spectrum, Winsor & Newton or Daniel Smith Paint.

Suggested colours:
Phthalo Blue (or Winsor blue green shade)
French Ultramarine
Permanent Rose
Aureolin (or Winsor Lemon)
Permanent (or new) Gamboge
Permanent Alizarin Crimson     - this means you have 2 reds, 2 blues and 2 yellows. 
Any other colours you wish to bring.

  • Brushes - at least a size 10 and a size 4 round and pointed watercolour brush. A 1/2" flat watercolour brush could also be useful IF YOU have one. 

  • A block/chock - to hold your painting board at a slight angle. eg; a piece of 4x2" wood, a tissue box, etc. 

  • a palette with plenty of mixing space, or two white or cream china dishes or similar.

  • a bottle of masking fluid

  • and a thin, cheap brush, with a very good point. (for use with masking fluid)

  • and a small bar of soap (like hotel soap).

  • a big plastic water container (not glass) . A 2Lt Icecream container is perfect.

  • a small handtowel or similar (it will get dirty.)

  • a roll of regular, cream coloured masking tape 2cm.

  • a 4b pencil and a rubber

  • a little sketch pad

  • a black fineliner pen if you want to bring one (optional.)

  • a hairdryer if you have one, to help with drying paintings between layers. 

If you are interested in why Jenny prefers artist quality equipment and what her students use, have a look at the Equipment list on this website.

TIMETABLE:  Class will go for 4 hours, we will have a break around 11:15 for morning tea for 10 minutes. Another break at around 12.45 for 10-15 minutes for a very quick lunch, and we'll continue on to 2:00pm when the workshop will finish.  Students will be asked to help by packing  up their tables and chairs back into the store room, and vacate the hall by 2.20pm.


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CANCELLATIONS: For cancellations and refunds please see our Terms and Conditions page under the 'classes' tab in the menu.  

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