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 The Ultimate course for 
Watercolour Painters.

The only watercolour course you'll ever need.
From Absolute Beginners to Intermediate & beyond.
Everything you never knew. 



Foundation skills

Online Anytime  
The Ultimate Guide for absolute beginners, new or experienced or self taught painters. All the fundamentals. Comprehensive, Logical.


Online Anytime  
Experienced painters,& newly minted Intermediates  putting it all together.  10 guided paintings like 10 x workshops!
Intermediate watercolour course online - a painting of tangled flowers by Jenny Gilchrist.
Watercolour painting course for absolute beginners - Painting of Clareville Beach
Watercolour painting course for Beginners online - painting of watercolour gum trees
Boost to Basic Skills

Online Anytime  
The Big Boost for your Basic Skills. Learn more, paint more, enjoy more, for  painters who already  know the fundamentals.
Pre-Intermediate Skill Building

Online Anytime  
Where your skills come alive. Not-quite-beginners but not independent painters will love finessing their talents.
Workshop 2 Banner.jpg
The Christmas Workshop
The new 2021 Christmas workshop with 8-10 hours of painting in 4.75 hrs of video. 
You'll love it.
Variety, fun, entertaining.

About Northern Beaches Watercolour-

IS A 4  x stage BEGINNER'S WATERCOLOUR PAINTING COURSE  for Adults only.   It aims to encourage new artists to try the beautiful medium of watercolour paint.  Jenny likes her classes to be fun and lighthearted while learning the serious stuff along the way! 
* ON ZOOM:  Jenny occasionally  teaches online by Zoom, see class pages for availability.
* ONLINE: NOW we have launched our unbelievably popular Level 1, 2 and 3 and 4 courses online.  Find out all about them by clicking the desired level under the classes tab above. We also have two venues: (when we start face to face again) at  Collaroy Swim Club and Tramshed Narrabeen. During this time of Covid we are limiting to Online and  occasionally Zoom Classes  (see the classes tab above.)

There are 4 stages in this very structured course, and continues on with Independent Level 5 Painters group if you wish.  All courses are the same, whether you are learning Online by yourself, on Zoom live with Jenny or in a face to face class.  



- Foundation Skills - Fundamentals (Level 1)

- Beginners  - Boost to Basic Skills (Level 2) and

- Pre Intermediate - Skill Building (Level 3)

The first 3 stages are structured classes with set topics and students learning how to paint, each week building on the classes beforehand, painting fun subjects, exercises and paintings:  This course is tried and true, and Jenny has taught literally hundreds of adults to paint in watercolour. You can see her student's paintings in the Student gallery.

- Consolidation/Intermediate (Level 4), is the final set stage where students put together skills  learned into full paintings of set subjects. 

- Stage 5 Painting Groups (when face to face)   -  students paint whatever they want or choose something from our gigantic collection of inspiration.  Note, different venues have different conditions for this group. This group is for graduated NBW students only.

ALL Students can do as many, or as few stages as they want, and can join at any stage.
Sometimes described as "the hard one"
, watercolour is a learned technique and it's easy when you know how.  NBW wants to show students the right way, not the hard way (trying to figure it out yourself!), with skillbuilding and confidence building,  to enjoy this gorgeously soft, but dynamic and colourful medium.  Taking students from Absolute Beginners to independent painting, NBW will share tips and tricks learned over 30 years and ultimately help painters produce their own fantastic artworks that they will be proud to show off.  
Of course, practice is key, and nothing is achieved without practice. 

Students need have no prior experience, and a talent for drawing is certainly NOT a prerequisite, though it is very handy!  Jenny provides drawing aids, like templates and traceables.  Jenny is careful to preserve a beginner watercolourist's natural style and likes a casual, relaxed and fun atmosphere in her classes and her approach to teaching Watercolour.  You will learn using artist grade equipment which will give you the best possible and most encouraging outcome.   Students will benefit from dozens of hands on demos and discussions. You will have step by step instruction, with worked examples and an atmosphere of encouragement. 


 Everyone can be an artist, it's never to late to learn. Please ensure you choose the right 'stage'. We have a Quiz on the 'classes' tab to help you decide if you wish!

Jenny Gilchrist is your tutor.

Northern Beaches Watercolour Painting Lessons Class
Watercolour painting by Jenny Gilchrist Northern Beaches Watercolour art class Sydney
Watercolour Painting by Jenny Gilchrist Northern Beaches Art class for adults
watercolour painting classes and course online for beginners

Student Testimonials - did they love it?

 Did they love it?

"WOW, that was the absolute best 2.5 hours I have had for a VERY long time. Jenny is not only a talented artist, but she also has a gift in translating that talent into teaching in a very easy to follow and enjoyable way. Totally recommend, if you're willing, Jenny is able :)"


Student Jodie B - Absolute Beginners Stg 1 Zoom.

 "Loving, Loving, LOVING Stage 4! So will you.  I was totally petrified by the level of expertise I thought was needed  however I am blown away by what has been achieved under Jenny's encouraging, insightful, expert tutoring."
Student JF - Stages 1-4

"It's so great to have EVERYTHING at your fingertips, photo references, demonstrations, explanations, even a virtual critique after every painting, so I can troubleshoot if I've done something wrong!  This is hands down the best course I've ever done, and I've tried plenty.  Worth every penny. Thanks Jenny." 

Student Andrea Cooke - Stage 1 Online

Jenny is so much fun, and makes watercolour seem achievable - she certainly has the knack of teaching - breaking it down into easy pieces so you can master one skill before going onto another...then putting it all together.  I'm SO pleased I found this course, it's way better than other's I've tried.   I LOVE it!
Student Emma Jansen - Stages 1-4

"Unbelievable! I had no idea what I was missing out on, I thought I was an intermediate painter, I'm SO glad I started from the start, its made a huge difference to the quality of my painting."

Student Marie G.- Stages 1 - 3 

 "I was so nervous about doing it, (Stage 4) and thought there's no way I was ready to paint those things. Jenny explains everything so well and makes it feel achievable. I'm really proud of what I've accomplished from doing the classes.  Our own personality comes out in our painting, rather than being taught how to paint direct copies, which is so i mportant.  I love seeing everyone's take on a single subject."
Student CR - Stages 1-4