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or find more specific products below.
ALWAYS go through this Paint Shop page, for the very best prices.

What's this all about?
Super Cheap paint.   Great Products.   Easy Click Links.

Unbelievably cheap prices! 

As a teacher and artist, I'm always thinking about the 'bottom line'.  If things are too expensive, people won't buy them.  Watercolour materials are sooo expensive in Australia.  Many of the items are imported, English or American paint, French or English paper...etc. 
While researching the best prices for my students, I stumbled across a deal.  I have an affiliation with Jacksons of London.  I can get you top of the line Winsor & Newton professional paint from the UK.    
The savings outweigh the shipping costs by a mile.  Often your shipping is FREE.    Buy the biggest tubes you feel comfortable with (recommendations below) and the bigger, the more money you will save per ml of paint. 

***UPDATE:  there is some discussion about whether Jacksons will sell W&N outside the EU. (must be a trade thing.) The colour chart button links work as below for now and students are still buying through these links successfully.  I'm not sure for how much longer.  Buy up people!

Here's an example of the price difference.  

  • The 'bad' price:  $5.59 per MILLILITRE ! (THAT'S 1/5 of a teaspoon!)  of burnt sienna (W&N from a Popular Australian Art chain store 5mls Burnt Sienna.) OR........

  • The GOOD price:  $0 .73c per ml? - yes!!!  of burnt seinna  (W & N , from Jacksons, 37ml Burnt Sienna) 
    I know which I'd choose.    Remember, W & N is not the only brand I recommend, but it is the best and by far the cheapest bought in this way. 

  • *** Read my TIPS below for best purchase practices. (and remember, don't buy bulky, heavy items.)

You can click on the colour charts below to find ANY colour of that brand.  Or you can take my recommendations for MY courses in the Level's below.


Level 1 colours:   
Cobalt Blue,  * French Ultramarine Blue, * Aureolin Yellow or Winsor Yellow * Raw Sienna,   * Burnt Sienna, and * Permanent Rose.   
SIZE: For students who know they love it: the largest size you can buy, (note Jacksons seem to have cut down on their W&N 37ml size, so b
uy at least 14ml in that brand, but you can buy bigger in the other brands.  Suggest the biggest you can in all colours except Permanent Rose as it's very strong, 14ml is enough in that colour.).) 
Level 1 Equipment:

For all heavier, bulky items: paper sheets and pads, all Art Spectrum or Neef products and other random equipment and MANY other excellent brush choices, check your Level 1 equipment list and I recommend you purchase those at your local store, such as the fantastic ART SMART in Seaforth or Mona Vale Art in Mona vale.

Click on these links below for your paints, find your colour (see above), then choose your size. (See my size Recommendation above.)


Level 2 colours:    * New Gamboge, * Permanent Alizarin Crimson, * Winsor Blue Green Shade (same as Phthalo blue)   For students who know they love it: Recommend 14ml in all these colours AS THEY'RE very strong.   Also, please top up Level 1 colours in the biggest tubes you feel comfortable with.  See size recommendations above.

Level 2 Equipment: There are some excellent  brush choices here, however many good choices in your local stores too, (See the Level 2 equipment list page.) such as the beautiful Rosemary & Co Kolinsky sable.  For all heavier, bulky items: paper sheets and pads, other random equipment I recommend you purchase at your local store.  Click on these links for your paints etc, find your colour (see above,) then choose your size.  Recommendations above. Don't forget to read my tips below for best purchasing practices. 

Level 3  colours:   there are no new colours for Level 3

please just top up the colours you already have - the biggest tubes you feel comfortable with.  See lists and buttons  above.  

Level 3  Equipment:  I don't recommend you buy any of the Level 3 equipment from overseas.
However, if you still have not bought a sable, or faux sable, I suggest you should do that now, as well as some of the other optional brushes from Level 2.  (Some listed above, but first,  see the Level 2
equipment list


Level 4  OPTIONAL colours:  please top up the colours you already have - the biggest tubes you feel comfortable with.)  If you WANT to, you can purchase some of these extra colours, which will really fill out your palette.   They're not essential, although I WOULD buy White Gouache.
Optional: * Sap green, * Cadmium Red, * Indigo,  * Manganese Blue and a * tube of White Gouache. 
  For students who know they love it:  I Recommend 14ml in all these colours, you won't need more than that.

Level 4  Equipment: If you have not yet bought some extra brushes as suggested in the Level 2 equipment list, I suggest you do so now.  You will also find a hake very useful in painting for great big washes like an underpainting. 

Click on the links below - for paint and more.  For paint, click, choose your colour, then your size. 
Some other items are just for FYI, such as the travel palettes, empty palette, and empty pans. Check what's actually required on  
your Level 4 equipment list before buying. Some items in the selection below are not needed for class, I've just included some fun, and useful items, such as travel palette selections, and travel brushes, for fun.  Enjoy!
Note Re travel equipment:  I have not tested ANY except for the lovely Rosemary & Co travel brush Kolinsky sable which you can buy from  I can see some very nice travel equipment below also. If buying an empty palette, you can buy filled pans to match it, or empty pans and fill them with your tube paints. See below. All Non class equipment is your own choice and responsibility.

Paint Shop TIPS:

1. First ensure you make an Jackson's  account when you click into the website. 

You will get 10% DISCOUNT on your first purchase with Jacksons on your new account, make it a good one! (even check out Level 2/3/4 items.)

2. Always sign into your account, so that you have a record of your purchases.

3. I like to pay by paypal, this way I have two records of my purchases. (but there are lots of pay options)

4. Remember, you don't HAVE to buy this brand or from here. It's just the best pricefor the best paint, W&N, I have found.

5. Buy the biggest tube you feel comfortable with.  You may prefer to buy smaller to start if you're unsure you will like watercolour.

6. Ensure you check the 'shipping time', and that you give yourself enough time. Buy early.
Remember, it's coming from the UK.

7. Check your shipping options, you get discounted /  free shipping if you spend over a certain amount. Shipping details can be found here.  They're EXTREMELY reasonable, and are far outweighed by your paint saving.

8. Don't buy Australian products, (Art Spectrum, Neef etc) or Heavy bulky items, on this Jackson's Website. Buy them locally.

 Winsor & Newton is only one of the brands I recommend for my classes.  ANY artist quality brand will work.
I am a sales affiliate for Jacksons Art and earn from qualifying sales, and the earnings are used to purchase prizes for the paitning competitions I hold for students and public.

Students are responsible for their own decisions on purchases.

BUY your colours, and more, in one place for a GREAT price.

In 2020 I spent months researching the price of watercolour paint in Australia, in an effort to save my students and myself money.  In particular I was looking at one of the world's best brands, Winsor & Newton - which for me, was prohibitively expensive in Australia, given I use so much of it.
Pricing is complicated.  Various brands, each with various series (price categories), and retail outlets charging their own prices, which sometimes vary by $20 or more a 5ml tube!  
I did not want to pay $5.00 for 1 x millilitre of paint. (True. that's how much Cobalt blue costs on average.) That's 1/5 of a teaspoon.  
My research showed me three things.

1. Know your local prices - you must know the average price of your brand, at home in Australia, and each of it's series. The amount this English paint costs here in Australia is horrific.  Some stores, Eckersley's for example, are diabolically expensive.  Never, ever do the 'lazy buyer purchase' of 5ml of some colour from Eckersleys'.

2. Buy in bulk.  The biggest tubes possible.  The drop in price is simply amazing per ml.  Most brands offer larger tubes.  Winsor and Newton has 5ml, 14ml and 37ml tubes.  37mls is 7 x the amount of a 5ml tube and THEN some.  It is only 1/5 of the price per ml, also.  So a huge discount when buying 'in bulk'. 

3. Buy from place of origin.  My research shows that buying from the place of origin can result in far less import tax, gst, and all the other duties and middle man $ that are added to our paint.  The price you pay for shipping is far less than the amount you save on the paint.

So for your convenience - I have compiled a list of all the class colours, from all the levels, and also added various other bits of equipment that I could find, on Jackson's Art Australia.
You may still wish to purchase these things in store, locally, of course.   If you decide to buy Australian paint Art Spectrum, or Australian made Neef brand brushes and palettes, and anything heavy or bulky, such as your paper, you SHOULD buy it locally.  There are also items on your lists that I have not been able to source on Jackson's Australia.  For these you will need to do your own research.  I provide on a separate page, my providers list of good providers.

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