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Terms and Conditions of Northern Beaches Watercolour.

Watercolour workshops and courses online classes for Australians

Refund Policy, Ts & Cs and Condition of Booking of

For Online courses, see the Online website:


On booking, your place is secured in the class ONLY when:
1) You have paid in full and
2) your funds have cleared at least 2 days prior to commencement of course and
3) a Receipt has been emailed to the student via the automatic mail after enrollment
Please check your inbox, or junk mail folder, to ensure you have been receipted for your course.  If you prefer your receipt mailed to you, please allow at least 7 days for postage. You must notify NBW of your mailing address, AND have received an affirmative response. No responsibility is taken for loss of receipt in the post.

Note:  iF YOU CHOOSE DIRECT BANK DEPOSIT for your payment you must then use your internet banking to provide payment to NBW, or you are NOT yet enrolled in the class. Please submit payment within 7 days of enrollment.

From time to time NBW may offer online tutorials, workshops or classes. 
The price for these online workshops/classes are not negotiable.   We are not able to reduce your term price to accommodate your absences, missing weeks or your circumstances generally.   If you miss an online class your notes will be sent to you as usual.  There are no makeup classes for these online classes.   Your zoom technology and the device on which you will attend, is your responsibility, and NBW can unfortunately have no part in getting you connected or fixing connections if lost, and bears no responsibility for that.   In the circumstance that the tutors connection is lost with more than 1 hour of time to go, (eg blackout, NBN loss etc) and connection is not able to be reestablished, students will be asked to add the extra time to a future class of the current term.   Your zoom link will be emailed to you, and it is your responsibility to find it, and ensure it is available to you on the day of your class. 
Furthermore, general etiquette is expected as per below, and the regular NBW terms and conditions apply to Zoom Classes. 


Students must adhere to regular class etiquette.  No Bullying, no harrassment, no foul language (no swearing of any kind is acceptable during zoom classes), students must be fully and appropriately dressed.  Students must protect the privacy of themselves and people in their vicinity as the camera is on and visible to the public at all times. It is the students responsibility to protect the privacy of their own household.  Students must mute their device microphones at all times during the class, except when requested by tutor, and during breaks when chats are acceptable. 
Some general etiquette to observe during a zoom class:  Students should not interrupt tutor while demonstrating as it is disconcerting to instructor and other students.  Please ask your questions at the end of the demonstration. Students will refrain from talking to family members or similar unless their microphone is muted. Students should refrain from doing other tasks while tutor is demonstrating as demonstrations will not be repeated. Please generally keep your video on, and your microphone off.  Students may email a painting or exercises to Jenny ONCE per week, we will not be able to respond more than once.

Videos and photos on Zoom - 

Videos:  We do  not allow screen recording of our online zoom class at any time for any reason as it contravenes privacy laws. 
At times, NBW may request permission to record the 'workspace' of the NBW home screen only, so that it may be used in an online tutorial.  At no time will an individual's voice, or face be recorded,  or any other aspect of a students privacy rights be violated.
Students may NOT at any time, record screens with a smart phone, with a tablet, or with an on-device screen recorder. Violations of this rule will result in de-enrolment of the student from the class, and fees will be forfeit.  If privacy laws have been violated prosecution may result.

Photos:  We DO allow photos of the workspace unless Jenny/NBW rescinds permission for a particular reason.  Students may take photos (not video) of paintings.   Under NO circumstances may students take photos of other students, or other student's works, or photos of tutor Jenny,  and it is assumed that you as a consumer of this class, agree to this rule.  Copyright and intellectual property laws apply, and all rights will be vigorously protected. Please see copyright section below. 

Special terms and conditions for ONLINE ON TEACHABLE courses.

The courses run by Northern Beaches Watercolour on demand online are on the Teachable platform and adhere to the structure and terms and conditions of that group. 
You can find Teachable terms and conditions here: .   
You can find NBW's Privacy policy on Teachable here:
You can find NBW's Terms of Use on Teachable here:

NBW is not obligated to update, add to, renew or edit courses available on Teachable.  Teachable is a paid platform.  NBW may discontinue online courses at any time, giving 3 months prior notice to enrolled students by email.  It is a student's responsibility to keep their email address updated for communication, and to finish a course in which they are enrolled during that time, or the course and fees paid for such course could be forfeit. 

Online course communication

Methods of communication with your instructor and with Teachable are available both within your course and via the Teachable platform.  Any problems with your course can be communicated with NBW via email or the facebook communication group set up especially for this purpose.  Any problems with the platform, technology or Teachable fees should be directed to the Teachable website.

Facebook pages: NBW has both public pages and private groups.   Students and viewers are expected to follow the rules set up in each page, and bullying, harrassment of any kind, and verbal abuse will not be tolerated.  We take no responsibility for the behaviour of users of the facebook platform, however will endeavour to ensure that users who do not adhere to normal social conventions of behaviour are blocked from our groups and pages.

Teachable online course payments:

Are not handled by NBW, but by Teachable.  As such, we are unable to accept private direct deposits, or credit card payments. All payments must be made through the teachable website. 
Reservations & part payments are not acceptable bookings.   Please pay in full at time of booking.  Northern Beaches watercolour will not accept deposits as 'reservations'.  Your place is secure when you have paid in full. 

Verbal / Email acceptances of Absolute Beginner Class invitation are not acceptable methods of booking.  Your booking is firmly in place when you have paid for your classes in full via the booking page on this website. 

Bank Deposit:  & Part payments:  When choosing 'direct bank deposit', as your payment method, please  pay as soon as possible, as your place is not secure until full payment is received.  Going 'through the 'store page' on the NBW website, is not a guarantee of a place in class until payment is received by NBW.  It is buyers responsibility to ensure payment has been received. Please do not deposit part payments as we do not accept part payment for classes. 

Price reduction:  we do not offer price reductions (other than the offered packages) to meet your circumstances (eg you will be away more than 1 week.)  Prices of the courses are based on a consideration of costs, eg room hire, tutor time, consumables, handouts, tutor equipment used etc.  Further reductions are therefore unable to be made.  Please do not ask Jenny for special circumstances. 
Your Holidays: Please don't ask for reduced price/term/weeks.   This is my business, and my livelihood. Your personal committments are not my responsibility.  (tough, but true.)  I realise it's nice to progress with your 'class', but if you book 'part' of a term place, it prevents someone else from taking your full paid spot.  For more information on this, please keep reading.

How to book:  A booking is held by payment only.  Click the book now button on your preferred class page.  Peruse the options available, click the option and 'add to basket', after which you can Proceed to checkout by clicking the checkout OR cart link.  choose your payment method from the small menu on the left side, and finalise your information and payment.  To secure your booking payment must be taken and received / funds cleared,  and your information submitted. You may book via this website (class page >book now) or contact Jenny via email requesting a phone call where we can organise payment by credit card over the phone.  You may also see Jenny in class, and organise to use the portable Point of Sale device (Square).

Class Code of Conduct Agreement / Health and Safety Guidelines Agreement:  As of Jan 1 2019 - Due to the public nature of our classes all new and all re-enrolling students are required to read and agree to (by signing) the
1. NBW Student Code of Conduct and
2.  NBW  Health and Safety Guidelines Agreements prior to the commencement of the first class fo the term. 
Failure to do so will result in student being unable to continue in our classes.  Both student and tutor will retain a copy of the signed agreement for their records.  These agreements are for the protection and safety of you, the student, of other students and of the tutor of the tutor's Intellectual property, and of the Northern Beaches Council's property (venues.)   These agreements will be emailed to students prior to first class so they have time to read them.  These agreements are required to be signed prior to the commencement of the first class of term and are valid for your whole enrolment with Northern Beaches Watercolour. Students are asked to print the lasts page of the agreement after reading it, sign it, and bring it to 1st class.

The signed Student Code of Conduct will be applicable for the full duration of the student's subscription to our classes. 

Breach of Code of Conduct or Health and Safety Agreements: Any violations or breaches of your signed agreement may result in student being asked to leave a class immediately.  More serious breaches may result in your term subscription being cancelled without refund and/or prosecution through the law. Northern Beaches Watercolour takes conduct and safety very seriously and has a zero tolerance approach to poor, inappropriate, dangerous or damaging behaviour. 

Enrolment Terms and Conditions:  In booking a class or term with NBW you are required to agree to the terms and conditions stated on these pages.   A check box is required to be marked as you submit your application through the NBW website payment portal.  When checked, this tickbox is  your full agreement to the terms and conditions hereon.  If you do not pay through the payment portal, NBW will assume you have read these conditions, and that you agree with them.
All students are required to accept these terms and conditions prior to any booking, whether online, in person, or via bank.
Your booking and payment is your indication that you have agreed to accepting this page's terms and conditions. (The Code of Conduct mentioned previously, is a different document.) 
Payment options:    We accept Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal and Bank Deposit.  (for face to face classes you may pay cash in class (with the correct amount please as we do not carry change.)  We do not accept cheques.  For all details see the booking screen where appropriate information will be given depending on your chosen option.   All credit/debit card payments are processed by the Square Point of Sale company. You can be assured of security and privacy.

Re-enrolling for ongoing  terms/courses:  Reservations are not accepted.  Should you wish to re-enroll in further NBW stages (where available) you will be required to rebook and pay fully through this website or personally through Jenny using the portable Eftpos payment method.  Unfortunately Jenny is NOT able to hold your position in an upcoming course  without full course payment.  Please do not ask Jenny to reserve your place.   Please pay for your course as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as positions may be taken by new students and all venues have strict limits.  

Q.  How do I know when my class is ready for re-enrolling / booking?  Jenny often tells current classes ahead of the public that class is ready for re-enrollment.  There is no set time for this.  It is the student's responsibility to check in on the website often, and open NBW newsletters which will always inform you of booking situations.  Book as soon as possible. 

Receipts:  an online receipt is emailed immediately from the payment portal to the student when payment is made by credit / debit card.  A paypal receipt is emailed immediately from Paypal, when student pays by this method.  Students do not receive a receipt when choosing the direct bank deposit method.  This is an 'order' email only, and does not confirm your position in the class.  A paper receipt from Jenny, or a confirmation email from Northern Beaches watercolour is your confirmation of a direct deposit bank payment.
Full Class: 
Q. The website says my class is already full, can you squeeze me in?    No.  Unfortunately strict limits to numbers have been set by tables available, and for comfort, safety and the facility of Jenny's teaching the students.  We will not fit extras in after the set number in a class has been reached.   Numbers for classes is set by Northern Beaches Watercolour and is final.  Please ensure you book early enough, for ongoing classes to prevent this situation.  Please see Q. How do I know?...question above. 

Cancellations: - As venues are booked and paid for 30 days in advance Northern Beaches Watercolour does not offer Student refunds for classes, stages or courses except under the following circumstances:

1) The tutor cancels the full course/stage/term  due to insufficient numbers, illness or other unforeseen reason.  In this situation Northern Beaches Watercolour will either:  refund your full payment within 14 days of notice of cancellation  OR offer the student the next identical or similar course (where available) and transfer funds for payment, whichever the student prefers. Tutor will email students at least 2 days prior to start of course if course has been cancelled.  It is student's responsibility to check emails and ensure email addresses are up to date.  
2)  The tutor cancels part of the course Stage and cannot reschedule classes to end of term.   (3 or more classes in a row) due to an unavoidable situation.  In this circumstance a class credit will be given to the student, for use against the next available enrollment in the same or next stage of the course. In the case of a Stage 4 student a class credit OR pro rata refund will be given to the student. Tutor will email students as soon as is possible to notify them of the cancellation.  See method of refund. 
3) The student gives Northern Beaches Watercolour 14 days notice  of withdrawal from course - (14 days prior to the first day of course commencement) Student notifies us of cancellation in writing to    OR  student speaks to Jenny (Northern Beaches Watercolour) in person giving 14 days notice, prior to first day of course commencement.   This option is available only for a student's full withdrawal from the course, and not for part thereof. This is because the facility is booked and paid for over 30 days in advance.  

No refunds are given for part course cancellation due to your absence, planned or otherwise, for part course or single classes, or if the above criteria are not met.  

Method of refund:  All effort will be made to refund the student in the same manner as fees were paid, however this may not be possible (in the case of direct deposit) or timely (in the case of some credit cards).  In these cases a suitable payment method will be used which may include bank cheque, paypal or cash.

Q: What if the tutor is ill? or for some other reason needs to cancel classes:    If the tutor is unable to take a class due to illness, or other reason, makeup classes at the end of the course may be organised or class credits may be given.  No refunds will be given. No responsibility is taken if student is unable to attend the additional or next available class.  Tutor will attempt to secure the very next appropriate weekday (same as the current course) and time, however as venue is owned by the Council, this may not be possible, and class may have to be rescheduled for another day, or another week. In the case of class credits, students may use the credit against the next available enrollment.  Tutor will email all students to advise them of cancellation of class as soon as is possible,  and students should check emails the day before class to ensure it is going ahead. Class credits may not be used against products other than the next available enrolment, within the Online Store of Northern Beaches watercolour. 

Q: What if the student is ill or is unable to attend for some reason -   Unfortunately we cannot be responsible for your individual circumstances  and therefore cannot refund  for missed classes as the facility has already been booked and paid for  well in advance.  However we accept transfers to another student, for lengthy absences (over half the course), under certain circumstances and with conditions.  (see Transfers, below).  Please check the dates carefully before you book to ensure you can attend.  Alternatively, when booking, choose the 'partial' weeks option. (eg 7 of 8 weeks) which allows a student to miss a class.
Q.  Can I do a makeup class at another venue?  No.  Each venue has it's own insurance prerequisites, student number limits, and students pay variable prices for different venues. We do not allow students to swap venues for makeup classes as it would be unfair to the paid students of that venue. See more information below. 

Q. Why don't you offer Makeup Classes if a student is absent?  See above. We hope students will read course descriptions before paying, and choose the appropriate selection if they are going to experience absences.  NBW cannot be responsible for your unplanned absence (eg illness or unexpected event).  We cannot repeat class content in future classes.    A class 'handout' will be remailed to the student who misses a PAID class. (Not for the student who misses an unpaid class, as in a 9 of 10 option scenario.)

Q. What if my personal situation prevents me attending ? Northern Beaches Watercolour is not responsible for students personal situations which result in missed or late classes and does not offer refunds, transfers or credit for such.
Northern Beaches Watercolour does not refund for change of mind purchases.

Q. Can someone come in my place if I am going to miss one or two classes? (eg a substitute student)?  No. We're sorry but  transfers are not accepted. We must consider individual skill, personal liability and other factors which make transfers unacceptable. For more on this please read transfers and substitutes below. 
Q. I'm going on a holiday.   Can I pay for a shorter term 6 of 9 weeks?    No.   NBW pays rental for the venues and fees are structured upon rental and teaching time. NBW has already kept prices as low as possible.  
Please do not ask Jenny for special circumstances as it's unfortunate when she has to refuse.
Watercolour equipment and the purchase thereof is the student's responsibility and no refunds will be offered by Northern Beaches Watercolour for watercolour equipment purchased for our courses.   NBW suggests students keep their purchase receipts from the store incase of mistaken purchases, course cancellations etc.  All equipment suggested for the course is purchased by the student, and their own risk. 

PAINT SHOP:  Northern Beaches Watercolour/ Jenny is an affiliate salesperson for Jackson's Art UK.  All sales through the PAINT SHOP page earn commission.   
The Prices for Winsor and Newton paint, and for items highlighted on this PAINT SHOP page, are recommendations only, are well priced at the time of publishing.  We don't take responsibility for Jackson's prices or items you may find cheaper elsewhere. The student is responsible for his/her own research.
Items purchased through the PAINT SHOP are largely, though not exclusively, delivered from Jackson's Art in the United Kingdom.  It is the students responsibility to check the shipping dates of each order, and order in time for their own class. No responsibility is taken for items which have not yet arrived, and no refunds or credits are made for classes or equipment in such circumstances.
Deposits:  No NBW courses or stages involve deposits.  No deposits are acceptable to reserve positions. 


Course Syllabus:  Jenny's course is very structured.  Stage 1 is the Absolute Beginner's stage and climbs to Stage 4 which is the consolidation of skills stage.  The full course takes approximately 1 year of 4 terms. Class topics are preplanned to suit the level of the painter stage.  Jenny describes techniques etc, provides examples, demonstrates (often) and gives set exercises pertaining to the current topic.  Each week builds on the previous weeks.  The NBW course currently consists  approximately 10 x 2.5hr classes per stage.  This number changes occasionally due to term lengths, tutor holidays, public holidays etc.  Prices reflect this.  It is the student's responsibility to attend class and to practice during the week, to achieve competence in painting. 

Stages/ Levels:  It is the students responsibility to find a level which suits them. You may join which ever suits.  You do not need to attend prior levels if you feel you already know the content. Each class stage has a description which will advise students of the types of things achieved in class.  A Quiz under the classes tab may also help students decide which stage to join.  No responsibility is taken by NBW for a student's incorrect decision, where they find they are unsuited to a stage/level.
You are, however, welcome to backtrack and enrol to an earlier stage if you want, or skip a stage, or repeat a stage.

Partial package (eg 8 of 9 weeks style package) - this package suits people who are unsure of their availability. Students may attend the number of classes specified out of the total number of lessons in the course.  For example "8 of 9" - the student may attend 8 of the 9 total classes.  We suggest that the student attends at least the first 3 classes of a Stage 1 term  to ensure they have the basics in the course, or future classes could be compromised.  However, it is up to the student which of the classes they attend and which they do not. Payment covers the specified number of classes out of the total.  If students wish to attend the remainder of unpaid classes they may pay $40 cash, on the day, prior to class, per class, to Jenny and join in.   No weekly notes are given for the unattended classes.  It is the student's choice, which week they miss out. We do not offer further 'weekly' reductions.

Partial package + Weekly handouts:  With regard to the above 'partial package'  Northern Beaches Watercolour is NOT obliged to supply the weekly handout for the 'missing' week, as it was not paid for.  

Handouts: (aka class summary and tips.)  Weekly handouts are supplied when available.  They are not an integral part of the course and NBW is not obliged to give weekly course summary handouts every lesson.  At any time NBW may decide to email handouts rather than supply a paper one. We often provide paper 'weekly handouts' to students after a class.     NBW does not supply a handout for the missed class in the 'partial package' scenario.  NBW reserves the right to cancel class handouts at any time.  NBW reserves the right to change to digital 'handouts', that is via email, at any time. Information contained thereon is limited to a summary not a full lesson transcript.  Students should take their own notes if desired. 

Missed Handouts:  NBW is not obliged to supply students with handouts missed, and does not carry past handouts week by week.  Students are responsible for emailing Jenny and requesting an email copy of the missed week's handout (where available).  It will not be supplied in hard copy.

COPYRIGHT: Please be aware that all class handouts, class content including devised exercises, NBW class exercises copied by you, photos of Jenny's work, class information and syllabus,and the like, is copyright material by virtue of intellectual property.  You may not copy it, digitally or physically, or distribute it or re-teach it, in part, or in full, to third parties under any circumstances.  It may not be posted on social media without proper attribution, ..see point below. 
Publishing: you may not reproduce on paper, reproduce digitally, or for monetarial gain, or for self promotion, works of Jenny Gilchrist, or copies of your own work painted in class or with tutor Jenny's help or works of your own using exercises or paintings learned in class with Jenny Gilchrist - WITHOUT prior WRITTEN permission from Jenny Gilchrist & Northern Beaches watercolour.

Sharing: You must give correct attribution you MAY share Jenny's works of art, (but not any written material or class materials, diagrams, explanations or exercises) to your own social media or similar, PROVIDING you give correct attribution : 
eg: Painted by Jenny Gilchrist
and you MAY share your own works of art, painted in class, or works derived from exercises or paintings painted in class, or homeworks PROVIDING you give correct attribution, since it is our intellectual property.
eg:  Painted in watercolour class with Jenny Gilchrist of 

You may NOT share works of art from private group pages, or otherwise locations which are deemed to be private without permission being obtained by the original artis.t.
Distributing, discussing or in any way using Northern Beaches Watercolour class material (both physical and non physical),  for example, but not limited to, digital information, emails, private group social media posts, photographs, videos, paintings, exercises, handouts, discussions, printed material, references, grids or syllabus information, is NOT PERMITTED WITHOUT PRIOR written PERMISSION from Jenny Gilchrist of Northern Beaches Watercolour, under any circumstances. 

ANY reference to excercises or paintings created in an NBW class, painted by you, are also, by default, NBW Intellectual property and also may not be shared unless they adhere to the guidelines above.

Violation of our rights will involve prosecution. 
COPYRIGHT NOTE:  In signing up for NBW classes you are agreeing to these copyright and intellectual property conditions.
Violations of these COPYRIGHT AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY conditions will result in being banned from current and future classes without refund, and prosecution under the full extent of the law. 

Photos and videos during class: 
 Yes, Jenny will generally allow students to take photographs during class, both of demonstrations and of painted examples.   Again, these may not be used in any way as set out in the terms above, and may not be shared or publicised as per the terms above.
Videos:  No! The taking of videos during class (with cameras or mobile phones) is prohibited.  It both violates rights of students, of Jenny and endangers the copyright of class content.  Violators of this rule will be asked to delete the videos in question, and will have their subscription to class terminated.


End of the NBW course:  Northern Beaches Watercolour classes are essentially a BEGINNERS course.  The course is approximately 4 stages, and students may engage in an NBW painting group if there is one running with spaces available.  NBW is not obliged to provide ongoing painting classes or groups for students to attend.  After completion of the NBW course it is expected that students will move on with their painting, either through the NBW painting group, other tutors or elsewhere.  You are welcome to ask Jenny for recommendations for intermediate and advanced level tutors. 

Q. Can I rejoin a 'lower' level/stage?  Jenny does not generally 'mix' classes (eg beginners with intermediate), as it causes confusion for all.  Jenny does not teach 2 levels at one time.    However, if you prefer to restart, repeat or rejoin a previous 'stage', you are very welcome to do so, if places are available, on the condition that you are joining the class activity and not doing something separately.  We cannot make extra activities for repeat students, and would expect you to join in the class activity.   

Cancellation of stages: NBW requires a viable number of students, per stage, to make it economical to hold classes.  If the base number is not met NBW reserves the right to cancel that stage/term. 

In this case, Students will be notified by email at least 2 (Two) days ahead of the first class.  It is the student's responsibility to check emails. Any Refunds will be made in accordance with the conditions above.  Students may choose to defer to the next applicable stage. (eg Stage 3 cancelled at Narrabeen, but students may choose to enroll in upcoming stage 3 at Long Reef next term, space allowing.)  NBW is not obliged to provide another term at another time or venue for cancelled stages/terms. 

Cancellation of course:  In an extreme circumstance, NBW courses, terms, stages and classes may be cancelled.  NBW is not obliged to provide ongoing classes.  Refunds will be made in accordance with the terms above. NBW will always attempt, where possible, to finish each 'group' off, to Stage 4.  This may not always be possible however. 

Painting Group:  On completion of the NBW Beginners Watercolour Painting Course, STAGES 1-4 or part thereof, students may wish to progress to the NBW Stage 5 Painting group where there is one running. The Painting group day, venue, and time, Generally coincides with the current Stage classes, and is held concurrently at the back of the room.  Booking terms and conditions are noted on the Painting Group web page.    Class handouts are not supplied, except under special circumstances.
there are special Painting Group Terms which are noted on the Painter's Group pages.

Q. What if there are no spaces available in the Painter's Group for me to join?   Unfortunately NBW has limited venues, times and places available.    It is a student's responsibility to check for term booking times online, and if there are vacant positions you may enrol.  Please see "Full Classes" in booking section above.   NBW is not obliged to 'find' somewhere for you to paint after completion of your course. 

 We try to provide clean, functional venues with chairs, tables, bathroom and water and our venues are maintained by the Northern Beaches Council.   We are not obliged to provide further amenities than this.  Please read your package to find out about the venue involved, or contact Northern Beaches Council for further information on a particular venue. 
If you have a complaint or issue with the venue, please raise your concern to Jenny, who may be able to help, or alternatively may ask you to contact the Northern Beaches Council yourself. 
At times it may become impossible to continue your course at your venue, on a particular day, or at a particular time.

Maintenance or closure of a venue:   students will be advised as soon as possible if an unforseen circumstance prevents our classes proceeding at a venue.  (eg council maintenance, an irregular booking etc.)  Northern Beaches Watercolour is not obliged to find an alternate venue, however will possibly do so.  If a new venue is found, students who are already enrolled may transfer to the new venue, which may or may not be at the same day and time.  Students who are not able to make the new time or day will be refunded their course pro rata.   Students who do not wish to transfer to a new venue (where the course is exactly the same day and the time is within 30 mins of current time)  will not be refunded.

 Makeup Classes:  If you miss a class we do not offer 'makeup classes' for missed content.  You may email Jenny for a digital version of the week's handout where supplied.

Missed Classes:  See Makeup Classes, Transfers and 'Swapping' to other venues.  We are not responsible for your personal situation. Please book carefully.   Students who miss a paid class, may email us for a weekly handout through email where supplied.  Unpaid classes (eg 8 of 9 class) will not receive the handout.

Substitute students and transfer of classes to another person:  Classes are NOT transferrable to another person except under these specific circumstances (and with the conditions listed below.)

a) In the case where a student is unable to attend 4 classes or more,  in a row. (that is over half the term).
b) Student is unable to attend the whole course stage,  eg term  is 9 weeks and student can't attend any of the 9 weeks.

c) Student notifies Northern Beaches Watercolour at least 3 days prior to class start with information set out below.

Substitute students must be over 18 years of age. 
Only one substitute student may attend for any student over the entire 3 or 4 term course. 

Where a student has purchased a course but is unable to attend the whole course, 4 or more classes in a row, NBW will accept one (only) other student (over 18 years of age) in their place.  Transfer is limited to one other person.    NBW requires the original student's permission in WRITING at least 3 days prior to the class in which the transfer will take place, stating the new student's name, age (18+), contact phone number, email address, and the number of classes which that student will attend in the orginal's place (Ie, the whole term or the number of classes in a row).   If no such permission has been received, no transfer will be allowed.  Please advise NBW of transfers to this email:

Substitutes will receive one (only) handout for that class (if provided).
We do NOT allow transfers to another NBW painting class venues.

Swapping to other venues for a 'missed class' :  Northern Beaches Watercolour conducts classes at various venues.  We do not allow students to swap classes to a different venue for makeup classes.   Each venue has different insurance prerequisites, each venue's costs are different and subsequently each course has been priced individually for students.  Each venue has it's class limit and available space.  

Refreshments:  Northern Beaches Watercolour supplies powdered coffee, teabags,  milk and sugar only, for student use at their own discretion.   Students to supply their own cups/spoons, snacks or beverage alternatives.  Occasionally equipment, such as urns, may be unavailable or not working.  NBW is not responsible for refreshment equipment, and is not responsible for supplying an alternative.  AT certain times, venues may impose restrictions on food and drink being consumed on their premises.  If this is the case, NBW must uphold the wishes of the owner, will inform the class, and is not liable for any breach of conduct.

First Aid:  NBW has small First Aid Kits on site, containing basic equipment to attend to very minor injuries.  Any pharmaceuticals (such as headache tablets) are not distributed by NBW, and students should supply their own.   For non-minor injuries sustained on site, the tutor will telephone a student's family (if able) if student is unable to continue, or drive home, or to a medical facility, For serious injuries an ambulance will be called if required, and NBW takes no liability for costs ensued. 
Students with known medical problems are advised that we at NBW have no medical training and attendance is not advised if there is some risk to the student.

Financial Data:  We take the protection of your financial information very seriously.  
NBW does not collect digital copies, nor store hardcopies of your financial data for future use.  Your one time use  (per payment) of our online store (by Ecwid) and our payment portals (Square and Paypal) ask you to agree to terms and conditions of payment online.  These companies keep a secure digital record of your payment.  Financial information, eg. credit card numbers, is secured and unable to be viewed by NBW.  Please ensure you read and agree with the terms and conditions before you pay via this method.  Both companies are secure and dedicated to the protection of your data.  If paying by credit card, your details are handled by the financial platform Square who have a secure site.  Paypal also has a financially secure site.  Payment via either of these methods is at your own discretion.  NBW is not responsible for any loss incurred by paying your fees online using these methods.  As information is not stored, every booking will require resubmitting your information. 
PRIVACY POLICY:  and your Personal Data.  Personal information you give to NBW  when booking a class, workshop, or subscribing to newsletters and updates, being included on our waiting list or making contact via the contact / send a message form, (such as your name, phone number, mobile phone number, address and email address) is used solely for the purpose of
- sending newsletters
- sending email updates

- contact in the case of tutor illness,

- class updates,

- sending and receiving messages in relation to Northern Beaches Watercolour

and other Northern Beaches Watercolour relevant contact. 
Your personal data (name, email, address if supplied) is held safely in the Wix contacts database, the Teachable online database, and for financial information (such as your credit card details, paypal details, whatever was supplied) is held securely on the Ecwid database, Square database or Teachable database.  Your information is the responsibility of those parties. Northern Beaches Watercolour DOES NOT retain any of your personal financial information. Your personal data - name/email/address etc,  is NEVER surrendered to third parties for ANY reason.  (see group email exception.)
You may request your financial and/or personal data erased at any time, where we are able to do so, or request a copy of it.
You may request your information being deleted from our (email) mailing/newsletter subscription list at any time.

Special circumstances for online watercolour groups and group emails:  from time to time we will be sending 'group' emails to single classes which may comprise of a number of students.  In these circumstances your email address may become visible to all in that class.  Please advise Northern Beaches Watercolour if you do not wish this to be the case prior to the first class of the term.  We ask for your permission to send group emails in the introduction email sent prior to the first class.  By accepting a group email, we assume you are agreeing to this special circumstance.
Email Addresses and Phone numbers:   It is the student's responsibility to ensure their contact email addresses and phone numbers are kept up to date with Northern Beaches Watercolour AND to add our email addresses as a contact or safe sender. 
(1.  and 2. )   NBW uses email addresses or phone numbers to notify students of unusual circumstances, (such as class or course cancellation) and emergency where Jenny is held up, or special events.  Class or course cancellation will be advised as soon as is possible using this email address.  Newsletters are also sent to students via this email address.  (See Newsletters below.) It is the student's responsibility to regularly check emails prior to class.  If you prefer to submit your mobile phone number as your primary contact, please let us know (in person)  and NBW will SMS you the information.  NBW will protect your private information.  See Privacy Policy above. 

NBW Waiting list - As NBW classes fill quickly we have a waiting list. 
If you feel you are unable to respond to emails and texts in a timely manner, or check your junk mail box for our emails, please do not put your name on our waiting list, as it is a waste of time for all concerned. 

To add your name to the list please fill the digital form on this website.
Your email address and phone number must be kept up to date as it is your email address we will use to contact you when a new suitable class comes up.   Please respond ASAP to our email in this case, as your place will only be reserved for a matter of a few days.  It is your responsibility to respond and book in.  Please add our two email addresses to your safe sender list.
Waitlisters are notified before anyone else, of new Absolute Beginner classes, and have a few days to respond. If a response is not received by Jenny / NBW in a few days after sending emails/texts, the invitation will be rescinded, and the place in the upcoming class lost.  NBW tries only a couple of times to contact you over a few days.
If you ignore our invitations, and do not respond in any way, we will cease inviting you, and you will be removed from the waiting list.  
Subscribers to our newsletter are notified second, and the public are notified soon afterwards to take up any vacant spaces.

Chronology: Our waiting list is used in careful chronological order with no exceptions.  Students who have added their name earlier will be offered places earlier. Lack of response to the offer will result in loss of a place in the class, however name will remain on the list for a total of 3 offers only, after which, if rejected or not responded to, your name will be removed to allow others to take the place. It will then become your responsibility to rejoin the list if desired. 
If you decide against becoming a student, please notify us that you wish your name to be removed from the list, rather than allowing Jenny to chase you. 
If you have taken a place in a class from on the wait list, and then decide against it, your name will need to be readded to the end of the waiting list by you. 

Add us as a safe sender / contact:   Some email providers block 'bulk' mailouts such as the NBW newsletter.   Also our emails may end up in your junk mail box, or worse, be deleted by your email host. Please take precautions (such as add us as a contact / mark us as a safe sender) to prevent our emails being missed.  We take no responsibility for the loss of any of our emails.    and 

Newsletters & subscription from NBW:  Email addresses you provide as a subscriber, or as a student, are also used to send subscribers and students past and present  a newsletter or important information up to (max) 3 times a month.   If you do NOT wish to receive Northern Beaches Watercolour's emails, simply send back an email to with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the heading or body, and we will take your contact off our list.  Your email addresses are NEVER forwarded to third parties for any reason.
Problems receiving newsletters: Some email host's spam filters sort or block our 'bulk newsletter emails' before they get to you.  To ensure you receive our newsletters please add our two email addresses to your contact list and/or safe sender list in your email options.  1) AND 2)  It is your responsibility to do so.  You should also check your junk mail box and if you find our contact there, mark it safe and send it to your inbox, then marking it as a contact for future communication.  Failure to receive the newsletter/notification of class updates, is not NBW's responsibility.  If you continue to have problems, try contacting NBW for further information. 

Under 18 year old students: Unfortunately we do not take students who are under 18 years old.
CHILDREN ON SITE: Children are not allowed on our sites or into our venues before, during or after class.   Please do not bring children < 18 years old to any Northern Beaches Watercolour class or Workshop venue, Council Community Hall or other venue, inside OR OUT,  where our classes and workshops are being held.  Non participants are not covered by our insurance, and are distracting to other painters and students in the class.  Unfortunately students with accompanying children will be asked to leave the VENUE.

Equipment:  Students are responsible for purchasing their own Watercolour Painting Equipment and bringing it to class to use.

A recommended equipment list is provided on this website.  Local art suppliers are listed on this website, however Northern Beaches does not take responsibility for any recommendations or suppliers listed, or their products, prices or quality. Students are welcome to purchase their supplies elsewhere.  Northern Beaches Watercolour always recommends that students retain their purchase receipts incase of mistaken purchase or cancelled courses.  A printable list is supplied on the Equipment list page.  Purchasing the recommended materials does not mean a student will be successful in painting.  From time to time, we may change our recommendations without consultation. 

Disruptive students: NBW will not tolerate disruptive or rude students.  Disruption or rudeness toward the tutor or to other students will result in their being asked to leave the class /cancellation of the students booking and partial refund and banning from current and future courses.  We do not tolerate swearing in our classes, any obscene language, bullying, theft, or general disruption to the class.   A signed student code of conduct agreement, as mentioned above, will be required by each student when they enrol with NBW for the first time. This protects venue, tutor and other students from abhorrent, inappropriate, dangerous or damaging behaviour. 

Please be considerate of your neighbours and treat them the way you would like to be treated.

Further queries:  (what?? there's something I didn't tell you???) If you have any other queries, complaints, issues or suggestions about the course or details pertaining to such, please contact Jenny by using the email addresses supplied, and BEFORE booking your course. - IF NO RESPONSE within 14 days please use the contact form on the contact page. We do (sometimes) have holidays :D 

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