Not sure which class to join?

* Results are not recorded in any way,  are private for you only, and quiz suggestions just a guide in cases where you're not sure which class would suit you.

NOTE: Online Workshops - everyone is welcome provided you know the basics of watercolour.  They have their own colour coded 'level guide.'.


This Quiz has a minimum of 1 and a max of 20 Questions.  After a few questions it will give a recommendation to you.  The results are private and are not published or saved in any way.  It does not take any personal information.  Results are for your information only, purely a guide and are based on what each stage would probably be expected to already know so that new students are most comfortable with their choice.    However, you may join whichever level/stage you prefer.   Read each class description to get more of an idea of what will be taught in that group.  You may do the quiz as many times as you want.  If you are undecided after using the quiz AND reading the various class descriptions, please email Jenny (see contact page) with your query and she will be happy to help.  
If you decide Stage 1, Absolute Beginners is for you, please put your name on the waiting list immediately, see drop down menu under Classes Tab.