Frequently Asked Questions
about classes, enrolling and NBW

Learn to paint in Watercolour online course from beginners to intermediate with Northern Beaches Watercolour in Sydney

Q: How does your course work, exactly? (Some classes are in physical venues, some live on zoom, and some on demand online. )
Jenny has invented a systematic and structured course, where you start right from the start in Stage 1 (if you want to) for absolute beginners, where you'll learn everything you need to know...working up through the stages (grades) to intermediate stage 4. EAch lesson Jenny discusses the day's subject, demonstrates it, has exercises for you to participate in, and then a painting for you to practice the subject in.  Each lesson / term builds on the ones before it. By Stage 4 you should be able to paint nice paintings independently.Each of these stages takes around a term.  When Jenny has face to face classes or zoom classes that you enrol in,  you STAY at your venue, and at your time and day, for subsequent terms  eg: you have enrolled in Collaroy Wednesdays stage 1 in Term 1.   In term 2 you can stay for Stage 2 at Collaroy on Wednesdays.  Collaroy Wednesdays will be doing Stage 3 in Term 3, and Stage 4 in Term 4.  So each course takes about a year, and cycles through all the stages at the venue, until finished. All the venues, when running, have a different Stage at any given time.



Q. Will I be able to paint like the Masters?
(You'd be surprised how many students think that one term of class will result in them being able to paint like a master, or even like Jenny. It took Jenny 30 years to learn this.)   
With plenty of enthusiasm, and lots of practice....yes, lots and lots, you will become proficient in painting.  Jenny calls this brush mileage.  Just like piano playing, it takes hundreds of hours on the keys to fluently play, it takes many hours and hours on the brush to fluently paint, or hundreds of hours of speaking in another language to fluently speak it. So, after one term? No.
After 4? closer, but no.  It will all depend on you, and how much you are prepared to practice.
You will be able to enjoy painting your own paintings.

Q. How do I enrol?
When face to face classes are running, there will be a Bookings tab.  Click it. All available classes and workshops are there, simply click on the one you are interested in, ensure you choose your payment method on the left menu, and follow the prompts. You'll receive an email receipt.  Closer to class time Jenny will send you a welcome email with plenty of class information or your zoom link  if you have opted for an online class. 

During Covid times, face to face classes are suspended, and online classes are taught.  Please see the class pages and the links to our online classes.  Click the link and then the enrol button.

Q: How can I tell what Stage I should be in? 
Ah. Tricky.  Watercolour is often self taught, or 'not really taught' but instead just supervised. 
Sometimes we don't know 'what we don't know'.  For this reason Jenny has made a watercolour quiz. It contains basic information related to basic watercolour techniques etc.  Up to 20 questions, and when one or two questions are answered incorrectly, you'll have more of an idea what stage you should join - the quiz will tell you.   Basically though, it's your choice.  LInk to quiz:

Q. What will I learn in your class?
You should read the blurb for each individual class available.   Under the Classes and Workshops tab in the top menu, is listed each class page, which describes the types of things you might learn in that term for that Stage.  Basically, this is a Beginner to Intermediate course, so you will be learning all the basic techniques and how to eventually paint on your own.

Q: I heard you had a waiting list?
For Stage 1 - Yes and No.  No, because you can join our Stage 1 Absolute Beginner's Online class any time you like.  It's here:
Yes, for Face to Face but stage 1 only. We have a waiting list, sometimes, for face to face classes for Stage 1, particularly now after covid-19 has halted things.    This is because Jenny teaches HOW to paint, and doesn't only supervise your painting.  We're pleased it's so popular, but this creates a problem for new painters!  PLEASE put your name on our waiting list ASAP - always keep your email updated, and ALWAYS answer Jenny when she emails you...even if it is a few months later.  If Jenny is ignored...well...two can play that game. So... please answer, even if the answer is no, or not yet. 
For Stage 2,3,4 and Painters Groups and Online classes,  No waiting list. Simply keep your eye out on our classes - ** subscribe to updates with the button on the home page, you'll be the first to know. 


Q. How can I find out what classes are happening and when?

Easy! Subscribe to updates - using the button on the home page or the Free Updates tab in the menu.   Every month or so Jenny creates a newsletter that is emailed to all subscribers, it always contains class information as well as fun and interesting watercolour articles. 


Q. What are these STAGES you are talking about?
Jenny devised the Levels / Stages of her course to describe the 'level' of painter.
Each stage is approximately the length of a school term, usually 9-11 weeks, and usually runs parallel to school terms, with holiday times at the same time as school.
Stage 1 is the first, and for Absolute Beginners, or those wishing to start right at the start.
This is the most important stage, and many people are so surprised at what they didn't know.
Stage 2 have learned about the absolute basics, and are expanding their knowledge.
Stage 3 are learning more complicated concepts, techniques, planning etc to put into paintings.
Stage 4 is consolidation, putting all that knowledge into full and technical paintings.
You can join whichever you want, skip, repeat...whatever.


Q. I'm going to be away /  I'm sick / I can't do all the weeks...can I have a discount?
Sorry, no, not for zoom or face to face classes.  Please don't ask. Your 'spot' in the class is a seat that could be taken by another person, Jenny's face to face classes already include a 'fudge' week option, so you may take that option.   As we can't be responsible for your individual circumstances, you must decide what to do.  You will still be sent class notes for weeks you do not attend. 
Perhaps it would be a better idea to take the online course?  you can go on holidays, take sick days, paint day, night, weekends,...long or short, whenever you want, no time limit, no expiry date.  GREAT!


Q. I changed my mind, can I have a refund?

For Face to face and zoom classes:  Please read our Booking Terms and Conditions, fully set out in plain English under the Book and Buy tab in the menu.  
For Online classes via teachable:  Yes , if requested within 30 days from time of purchase.

Q. Can I do a catchup class? Can I do a class at another venue?
Sorry, no.  Our insurance would not cover you, and numbers of students are calculated for all classes.  Furthermore, we don't teach the same Stage at different venues at the same time.

Q. Can I go to a different venue next term?
Sure, if it's the stage you want.

Q. Can you tell me about equipment?  
All Equipment lists under the equipment tab in main menu, and also an FAQS equipment page.
We also have a
PAINT SHOP, if you choose to buy Winsor and Newton Paint, you can do so cheaply from this portal, from overseas.  Please check the terms and shipping dates.

Q. What is zoom and how does it work?
Zoom is simply an app that you can download on your computer, laptop or tablet.  It enables us to connect online, via your device's camera and microphone so we can hear and see eachother. 
If you're very unfamiliar with this sort of thing, itis recommended that you either: ask a friend to show you, or watch the tutorials on the zoom website, to learn about zoom. It is quite easy, once you've done it the first time.  Great fun,a nd a great way to learn.


Q. What if the tutor is sick?
Always keep your phone number and email updated in your booking.
Jenny will use this to email you asap, or call you on the morning if it becomes apparent that she is unable to take a class.  More on this in Booking Terms and Conditions under the booking tab.