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Simple and fun Christmas Watercolour Art - Christmas themed motifs,
pictures, and designs. 
Choose a day or a night workshop!

Just a beginner?   You're welcome to come and try it!
see notes below.


Day: Wed. 4th Dec, 6 - 9pm 3hrs 

Night: Wed. 4th Dec, 9.30am- 1.30 4hrs  
Day: Fri. 6th Dec, 9.30am - 1.30 4hrs  

bookings closed for workshop.

 WHAT:  From very quick and very easy fun projects and motifs, to a little more complicated satisfying Christmas pictures, this workshop is all about Christmas cheer - watercolour is a great fun medium for personalised tickets and tags, cards and gifts or simply some lovely ideas to get into the Christmas spirit.  You'll love painting these ideas up!  Every project is set out step by step, with tons of help from traceable items to photos.   We'll paint a variety of  items. You'll be surprised at the easy step by step results with FULL instruction and lots of demonstrations.   Possible subjects could include: christmas trees, baubles, snowmen, snowscenes, holly, gifts, snowy pine trees, santas,  gingerbread, wreaths, candy canes... etc...

Please note, no refunds are available within 7 days of your class. 

NOTE FOR CURRENT (ie Paid up Term 4)  NBW STUDENTS: Your workshop IS ON YOUR CLASS DAY.   eg.  If you do class on Wed morning, then you need to choose the Wednesday morning workshop to book in. Your payment supplement simply extends your time for the full workshop.

Christmas Decorations

1. Wednesday 4th December 9.30 - 1.30pm (4 hours) Collaroy Swim Club.
2. Friday 6th December 9.30 - 1.30 (4 hours)  Collaroy Swim Club. 
* Doors Open at 9.15am for daytime workshops.   Please arrive by 9.15am. 

3. Wednesday 4th December 6PM - 9PM  (3 hours) Berry Hall Tramshed Narrabeen.

Adults 18+ only, who would like to join the workshop for a day where places are still available in the class .(What a great Christmas present!  Bring your mum, friend, sister!)   No children  < 18 allowed on the premises.  Please do not bring children to this workshop.
OR  currently enrolled paid up TERM 4 class students who would like to pay the Workshop Supplement to extend their normal 2.5 hours to the FULL workshop time. 
(note you will attend the workshop on the day/night your regular class is held)   OR

LEVEL: Beginners  to Intermediate Levels.    Note: ** For Absolute Beginners who have never painted in artist watercolour at all - PLEASE READ THE NOTE BELOW!

WHERE:  Collaroy Swim Club, Collaroy Beach SLSC, (Mon evening, Wed am, Fri am.)
                 or Berry Hall, Tramshed, Pittwater Rd,  Narrabeen. (Wed evening.)


PARKING: Parking is available on site for both venues, though can get crowded at times in the mornings. It is adviseable to arrive early, and there is plenty of parking around the area.
For Collaroy Swim, there is parking adjacent to the venue, in surrounding local streets, and in 2 other carparks on Pittwater road further down the road. 
Please ensure you park within noted time limits (some areas are metered), and that you have a parking sticker or pay the meter in pay-to-park areas.  Parking is free for Northern Beaches Residents with a sticker.   

For Narrabeen Tramshed there is also parking directly adjacent to the facility.  There is also plenty of parking on the opposite side of Pittwater Road, and in local roads and carparks.  Please ensure you park within noted time limits.

EQUIPMENT: Students must supply own watercolour equipment. There is a suggested equipment list below.   A welcome email will be sent to you about a week prior. 

COST:     Please choose the situation which describes you: 
DAY WORKSHOPS: (4 hours)

1.  Casual attendee (ie not booked into regular classes.) - $80.
2. Current paid Term 4 DAY Class member ( workshop supplement) $35.00 Note 1
3.  Current Term paid 4 Paint Group member (upgrade to class place for 1 day & workshop supplement) $45.00 Note 2

4.  Casual attendee (ie not booked into regular Classes) - $70
5.  Current paid Term 4 Night class member ( workshop supplement) $20 Note 1

6.  Current paid Term 4 Paint Group member (workshop supplement & upgrade to class place for 1 night) - $35  Note 2

REFUNDS:  Please book carefully.  We do not refund unless 14 days notice is given in writing.  See booking conditions under the bookings tab for more information.  

TABLES:   Students can sit where they like, 1/2 trestle table each. 

Students will receive

  • individual attention, and lots of demonstrations and explanations.

  • step by step instruction,

  • drawing aids such as tracers or photos, 

  • one card (to make a christmas card with) 

  • Lots of hints, tricks and ideas to paint your own paintings and make your own cards.


Note: ** Absolute Beginners:   Absolute beginners who have never painted in watercolour before are very welcome to join up.  Workshops are a great place to find out if you'd like the medium (or the tutor!!)   However this workshop will not discuss the application of paint or foundation techniques.  We will not have time to explain basic techniques to you.  May we suggest that Absolute Beginners look up some youtube tutorials on 1) wet in wet watercolour 2) how to apply watercolour, and even 3) check out the How To videos on this website under the 'videos' tab, before coming to the workshop.    We will go right into painting at the  beginner level and work through to some more complicated designs towards the end of the workshop. We should get between 5-7 little projects finished. (For Jenny's students, if you ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF  Stage 1 you will be fine in this class)

A coffee cup - we have 15 minutes for a morning/ evening tea/coffee. We will supply regular tea, coffee, milk and sugar. Note: PLEASE do not bring / heat or eat dinner / lunch inside this venue for this workshop as some people may find this unpleasant or distracting.   If you fancy bringing some biscuits, or slice (not cake) , to share, we'd be delighted.  (note, no plates or cutlery available)

 EQUIPMENT LIST:    (students supply their own).  Please bring whatever you want, or whatever you already have - however, some are items compulsory.   Note!   do not bring the 'kitchen sink', nor enormous boards etc. Your table space is half trestle sized. 



  •  a minimum of 1/2 (half) sheet to max full sheet of Arches , or Saunders Waterford brand 300gsm rough or medium texture watercolour paper   ($14 - $18 per sheet). Please tear or cut a full sheet into 4 before you come, (this will result in approx A3 size)  Available from good Art Supply stores.  Note this is a great big sheet you can cut into quarters.

  •  any sort of  board big enough to tape 1/4 paper (like a3) onto eg: 35 - 45cm. (plywood, gatorboard, corflute, perspex, cake board, etc - no clip please).  Not too big or it won't fit on your table!!

  • a roll of cream coloured regular masking tape (just woollies or coles is fine)

  •   an old towel,  or a plastic picnic tablecloth or drop sheet to cover council tables at least 1mx1m. 

  • a PLASTIC water container, large, such as a large white yoghurt container.

  • your coffee cup,

  • all other equipment below, is your choice. 


PAINT:  Bring Whatever watercolour paint you have. Think Christmas. 

Suggested CHRISTMAS colours :  ( these are optional but will make things easier for you.)

  • Any RED SUCH AS: Cadmium red, quinacridone red, vermillion or similar bright/dark red,

  • A GREEN such as : viridian, a forest type green.

  • A GOLD - such as Art Spectrum's Australian Red Gold or Quinacridone Gold

  •  A VERY dark Grey BLUE - Indigo (Art spectrum has a very nice one) or PRUSSIAN blue.

  • some white gouache (opaque waterbased tube paint.) 

  • And of course  bring any other colours you wish to bring, as we will be painting some very colourful designs. 

  • Here are some examples of colours:  Phthalo blue, Burnt Sienna, French Ultramarine, Cobalt Blue, Permanent Rose, Aureolin Yellow, New Gamboge....any colourful colours will help. 


  • Other materials and Brushes - anything you have is fine, here are my suggestions as we will be using all these things in class - you can 'make do' if you don't want to buy things:

  • A regular watercolour brush:  least a size 10 and a size 4, full, round, and well pointed watercolour brush, or whatever you have. 

  • A 1/2" - 3/4" flat watercolour brush could also be very useful IF YOU have one. 

  • an old toothbrush or kid's hog bristle brush (like a school paint brush.)

  •  a palette  with plenty of mixing space, or two white or cream china dishes or similar.

  • a bottle of masking fluid (if you have a buddy you can share this.)

  • some salt. (not too huge.) 

  • and a thin, cheap brush, with a very good point. (for use with masking fluid)

  • and a small bar of soap (like hotel soap) for use with the masking fluid.

  • a BIG plastic water container (not glass) . A 2Lt Icecream container or large yoghurt container  is perfect.

  • a small old towelling handtowel or similar (it will get dirty.)(not a teatowel.)

  • a roll of regular, cream coloured masking tape 2cm.

  • a 4b pencil and a rubber

  • a hairdryer if you have one, to help with drying paintings between layers.

  •  a regular black fineliner such as artline or stabilo (around .7mm ) pen if you want to bring one (optional.) we will be using this in a few designs. 

  • a gold or silver marker (not thin) (optional) you can use this, instead of black, in a couple of designs.

If you are interested in why Jenny prefers artist quality equipment and what her students use, have a look at the Equipment list on this website.

Class will go for 4  hours ,we will have a break for morning tea for 10-15 minutes.  and we'll continue on to the end, when the workshop will finish.  Note: Students will be asked to help by packing  up their tables and chairs back into the store room, and vacate the hall within 10 minutes of end of session. 
Night class will go for 3+ hours.  We will have a break midway for 10 minutes for a cuppa and a snack, (please do not bring warm/hot dinners/heat items inside this workshop as some students may find this unpleasant or distracting.) and we'll continue on to the end, when the workshop will finish.  Note that students are asked to put own tables and chairs back into the store room, and vacate the hall within 10 minutes of end of session. 


BOOK IN by clicking the booking button. 
PLEASE BOOK CAREFULLY - choose the CORRECT DESCRIPTION (as there are a lot of variables).
CLASS STUDENTS for term 4:  do not book dates that are not your usual painting day. 

Your place is only held by your payment and my confirmation response.   We do not reserve spots.  We do not take deposits.  NOTE: Please ensure you add my TWO email addresses to your contact list to avoid it going into spam or junk mail:

SUPPLIERS:   if you are looking for art supply stores, you can get a 10% discount from my two favourites - Art Smart in Ethel St, Seaforth, and The Art Shop in Mona Vale.

CANCELLATIONS: For cancellations and refunds please see our Terms and Conditions page under the 'classes' tab in the menu.  Please book carefully.


Note 1.  Class members who wish to attend pay the workshop supplement to extend their 2.5 hour fully paid class to 3 or 4 hours, depending on day or night. 
Note 2. Painting group members who wish to attend pay  the supplement to upgrade to a regular class  for one day, AND to extend time to 3-4 hour, depending on day or night.