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Jenny has over 30 years of experience purchasing and using Watercolour materials both on the Northern Beaches and further afield.   Here are some of our favourite suppliers, some local suppliers and some products we love.

Art Smart - 50 Ethel Street, Seaforth.  ph. 9949 7477.

Location: on top of their gallery, access by driving up the steep driveway at the side.
My Students will recieve a 10% discount on mention of my class.   Owners, Sarah and Dave, will help you with anything you desire, and get in anything you need.  They carry all the good brands. So helpful and friendly.  Can't remember the colours you need? Sarah knows. Want a certain brush, or Want to try something different,  Sarah and her staff can show you so much fun stuff, it's like a candy store!  this independent art store has the most competitive prices on the northern beaches and you are welcome to ring them to check stock prior to a visit.  They can also post your art materials right to your door, you can order online or over the phone.  You can buy our paper, paints, brushes, palettes and more here.

The Art Shop Mona Vale - 12/20 Bungan Street, Mona Vale, NSW 2103 - ph 9979 6559
(Students will receive a 10% discount on mention of my class.) Mairi is extremely helpful and can order whatever you want. They have a large selection and carry all the good brands.   Plenty to explore in this store.
You can buy our paper, paints, brushes, palettes and more here. - 6/51 Chard Road, Brookvale, 2100   8668 4247 

An Online art materials business mainly focussing on travel art and sketching, however they have a huge amount of product of interest to us, including the lovely Nevskaya Palitra brand from White Nights.  This is not a bretail outlet store, but a business outlet.  You can visit, but not browse.  Browse the products online first, then go down to see the items in person or to pickup your order.  They carry lovely artist quality equipment particularly Nevskaya Palitra brushes, the lovely Neef staywet 2 palette, Rosemary & Co brushes, ink pens, ink, travel sketch materials. Owner Jenny will help you with whatever you need, inks, pens, travel diaries, brushes. She's a wealth of info (like travel sketching? or Pen and wash? THIS is the place to come.)
Eckersley's - 1/648 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale, NSW 2100  ph 8058 9491.(the most expensive option)
A big store, however, I have found prices to be expensive, and watercolour knowledge sporadic.

The Art Scene - 912 Victoria Road, West Ryde. Entrance is on Mulvihill street behind.
Both online and in store, a huge and great art shop in West Ryde.  You will find everything you need instore, and in their online store. 
The Art shop -

Senior Art -
Jacksons Art - 
and have your equipment delivered to your door!   



Art Scene School of Arts:

A biannual, week-long school of art workshops with some of the most revered artists in the world.
Taking place at Charles Sturt University in January and July, you can enjoy a valuable week of workshops with the likes of David Taylor, Chan Dissanayake or John Haycraft amongst others.  I have been here a number of times for the week.  It's wonderful, valuable, and an experience not to be missed. 


Australian maker of Brushes and Palettes amongst other things.  Neef makes my favourite palettes, the lovely deep, strong and white lidded StayWet series, revered by many famous Australian Watercolourists.  You will also find Neef makes some of the best brushes in the world, amonst them my favourite flats the Robert Wade series 987 short flats, and the beautiful David Taylor Neef Kolinsky Sables series 2236.   You can buy these at the stores listed above. Check out their range.

Art Spectrum:

Australian makers of beautiful watercolour paint - strong and reliable and artist quality. Best of all they're very budget friendly compared to other brands.  (Only colours I avoid are the siennas.)  Have a look at the beautiful paint they make, as well as paper and palettes.

Rosemary and Co -

English makers of the gorgeous Series 33 Kolinsky sables, and a bunch of fabulous other brushes including their travel brushes and daggers. Try not to drool as you browse their website. 

Winsor & Newton -

British makers but with a huge worldwide presence, probably the worlds most used watercolour paint, and certainly oldest makers.  Beautiful, pure pigment in dazzling colours and a dizzying array to choose from. Check out their catalogue of paint pigments. Then try to resist. They make the best Raw Sienna and Burnt Sienna I have found.  W&N often have very good sales in Australia, so wait for a 25% off to buy yourself a HUGE tube of something.  The bigger the tube the more economical. W&N watercolours come in 3 sizes, 5ml, 14ml and 37ml.

Nevskaya Palitra -

Russian makers of my favourite squirrel mop (for beginners), available at Larry Post. They also make delicious kolinsky sable brushes, and best of all are a fantastic price!!  Check out their catalogue but also Larry's for the ones available in a hurry.

Arches Paper -

French makers of 100% cotton watercolour paper since 1492!!!
My favourite brand of watercolour paper, being the most student friendly. Oh, yes it's quite expensive, but try to buy it when there's a sale, and in bulk of 10 sheets (if you can get through that in 2 years).
Have a look at this youtube of how it's made:

Art Smart Framing:-

just a reminder that Art smart can take care of all your framing needs too.  They've been doing it for decades, and the boys who work to frame your masterpieces are masters themselves. 


If YOU have any discoveries - great places to buy watercolour equipment, or sales on, let us know! We'll publish it!   

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