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Foundation Skills
Beginner Watercolour ~  Level 1 

The Ultimate guide for Absolute Beginners,  Self Taught painters or
those who want to review the fundamentals.

 Easy Online

Learn Absolute Beginner watercolour painting online on zoom art class
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You've found it.
A beginner watercolour course that ACTUALLY TEACHES!

Level 1 - is this you?


* NEVER painted in Watercolour?
* Self taught?  or want a refresher?  or paint in another medium?

*Can't find a course that teaches you HOW to paint?
*Sick of just copying?
*Tired of wasting your money on amateur videos and hobby classes.
*Getting nowhere trying to figure it out from books?

*Frustrated with lack of self taught progress?
*Want to paint more professional looking pictures?
*Over painting 'cute' things off YouTube?
*Want to learn to paint your OWN great stuff?
* Experienced, but never learned properly?
* Dissatisfied with your results?
* Not sure where you go wrong?


Learn how to paint in beautiful watercolour - from zero to hero in 10 weeks. 
Jenny's popular Foundation Skills  Stage 1 course :


You'll enjoy:

  • All the foundation skills and hundreds more things you should know, taught in a carefully structured course.

  • 10 x full classes  - 3+ hours for each class online, (2.5hrs each live class.)

  • An Exclusive and Private Facebook Group just for course students for easy contact.

  • multiple demonstrations, images and lectures so you really GET IT!

  • Each skill built on the one before in a structured course created over years!

  • Cleverly crafted exercises to practice your skills

  •  and all painting subjects supplied.

  • Fully explained techniques and Colour Recipes

  • No drawing skills required - templates and drawing aids supplied.

  • Comprehensive, relaxed Step by Step instruction

  • Full set of .pdf class notes to keep / download / print as reference.

  • and individual tutoring by a professional artist and teacher with 30 years experience.

  • Course content below.

Course content identical - Choose from: 

 Online Anytime         or          Live on Zoom



















































Absolute Beginners watercolour art class for adults online or in Sydney

Online Anytime

Book Now and start whenever you like.

Duration: Approx 30 hrs all online.
Classes: 10 x classes, each approx 2.5 - 3 hours long 

Price: $340.00AUD - Full term 10 classes x 3+ hrs each.
This equates to about $11 per hour.  
How:  Course hosted on our Welcome to Watercolour site on Teachable. Simply click the button above. 

Only $11 per hour for professionally taught class.
No Covid restrictions or worries.
Paint at your own pace, any time you like, no time limits.

Repeat, rewatch, rewind any classes or videos.

Unlimited access, your course to keep. 

Start when you want, have breaks, go on holidays....

No download required. All  online on Teachable.

Easy and free registration to Teachable.

Communication via your private Facebook Group or...
Comment and question sections under each class.

FANTASTIC reviews for this online course, which has students from all over the world.  You get a clear, bird's eye view of my workspace through the HD video provided in multiple demonstration videos throughout each class.   All extra 'bits and pieces' provided via downloads - traceables, templates, photos, even class notes for every lesson.  Identical to the live zoom classes. A private, and exclusive facebook page for students to have direct communication with Jenny. 
Booking: When you enrol you'll be directed automatically to the Teachable checkout page for this class.

Student requirements for Online course:

A valid email address so that your registration can be acknowledged.
A device with a big enough screen that you can see the video screen easily. (a very small smartphone would be hard).  
An Internet connection to access Teachable and your course. 

Online course is easy to join and easy to access.

Level 1 beginners watercolour class online and in Sydney

Live - on Zoom

Not next term. Book the Online course.

No places available at the moment in the Level 1 Zoom Class.  Please choose the Online Course.  


Start Date:

End Date: 
Price: $340

10 x 2.5 hour classes over a 10 week Term. 
Zoom Course is identical to online course. 
Live, with tutor Jenny and the class, on zoom where you can listen, watch, & paint in the class group.


You'll LOVE IT! Students join from all over Australia, ....even from UK, NZ and USA at times.  It's wonderful to paint together in this strange situation we find ourselves in.   A pleasant community of painters, where we're all learning in the same environment.  Safe and well. 
You get a 'bird's eye view' of my workspace, better than face to face students, this has it's benefits!!
All information - templates, photos, printouts etc, will be emailed to you prior to class, if required.   Class notes are even emailed to you after every class.  Course is identical to the face to face and Online course.
Private and exclusive facebook group for students only to enjoy if you want to post your work, comments or questions.


Student requirements for Zoom.
Over 18 years ONLY for zoom classes, NO minors (Jenny takes family internet safety very seriously.)
A valid email address to receive the zoom link and emailed class information every week.
A device with an inbuilt camera eg: ipad, tablet, laptop, computer, or LARGE smartphone.
The Zoom App downloaded on your device.
A big enough device that you can see the screen easily.
An Internet connection.

Note: Class recordings are NOT available to students due to protection and privacy laws. 

No live classes in a classroom?  Sorry, no.   We'll open live classes again, ONE day.  Family committments are preventing me teaching live at the moment, but do consider our Online course, many of my 'live students' who transferred to it, absolutely love it...choose your own day, hours, and much more info that you can rewind and rewatch.

COURSE CONTENT includes, but is not limited to:

 - What equipment works best? what should I get and why?

- how to apply the paint, and how much water?

-painting wet into wet, dry brush, wet on dry, granulation, 

- glazes, charging, centre of attention, 

-hard and soft edges, manually softening edges

- how to keep colours bright, or soft, how to make shadows

-how to make things look smooth or round

-tone and monochrome - why is it so important.
- difference between dark and strong.

-perspective techniques, how to make distance look distant. 

-watercolour special effects

-how to avoid 'cauliflowers' / backruns and how to fix mixtakes

- colour mixing and getting that gorgeous watercolour look.

- painting in layers, where to start, where to finish.

-that tricky water thing - how much water in the mixture and on the page!

-drawing skills tips, common drawing mistakes.

-how to create fresh paintings, avoiding mud.

-exercises and artworks to copy.
- PLUS class notes

- BOOKING CONDITIONS APPLY (you can find them under the bookings tab.) 

Please note: this unusual situation we find ourselves in has created the opportunity to offer my online courses.   It is a GREAT opportunity to try watercolour, and get into one of Jenny's very popular Absolute Beginner courses which generally have a long waiting list.  

Watercolour painting course online for beginners by Jenny Gilchrist

By the end of this Watercolour course Level - YOU:

  • Will know all the foundation techniques of watercolour

  • Have had tons of practice putting your skills into real-life painting applications.

  • Have had the satisfaction of painting real paintings.

  • Won't just have to copy everything.

  • Will have a great set of reference notes.

  • Will have a great list of resources to draw from

  • Will have access to Jenny's enormous watercolour community

  • Can keep progressing if you want to

  • and you'll be able to produce paintings you can be proud of.



EQUIPMENT:   Jenny has very firm ideas on what makes good equipment and what does not. It is highly recommended that you check out Jenny's Equipment list  for STAGE 1 via the button below. 
You will need only 6 colours. One Brush.  Various bits like water container, hair dryer... if you already have equipment and prefer not to buy extra, then that's fine, however PLEASE READ the list and also note my one compulsory item:   COMPULSORY PAPER - 2 sheets of Arches 300gsm rough watercolour paper.  WE have a paint shop link, if you have time to buy SUPER CHEAP paint from the UK.  


Please  check out the button above to obtain the equipment list for this class.  Student quality equipment leads to disappointing results, buy artist quality where possible. 



Northern Beaches Watercolour is Jenny's website and business name.
Welcome to Watercolour (Teachable) is the name of the page on which the Online course lives. It is part of Northern Beaches Watercolour.


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