The Collaroy  Painting Groups
Stage 5 Northern Beaches Watercolour Graduates Painting Groups.








  Wednesdays or Fridays, 10am-12.30pm.

If you have completed Stages 1-3 of Jenny's NBW course, then you may join the Painters group. 


STAGE 5 - If you are an NBW full course graduate (at least stages 1-3) then this is for you.  Now is the time to spread your sable 'wings' and enjoy some individual painting of subjects of your choice.  Students can bring their own preferred subjects.  For Students who would rather have a subject suggested - we have an library of enjoyable and varied watercolour subjects ready for you to paint.  Choose either Wednesday group or Friday group, both at Collaroy.

You have learned techniques to set you up for a life of enjoyable watercolour painting.   Practice makes perfect, and brush-mileage is an imperative part of your painting experience, whether it's exercises, small designs or full-on painted artworks.   You can paint what you want, in the style you want, the size you prefer, and explore!
This  2.5 hour group is for watercolour painters  who would like to paint their own projects AND continue to learn more with tutor Jenny ready to lend a hand with tips and techniques where necessary.  

Best of all, since Jenny is teaching a 'stage' class in the room, you are able to listen in and review your knowledge.

                            * Please Note - Conditions (see below) apply.  It is important that you read this page carefully.
                               This group is largely independent, and is provided as a venue for NBW 'graduated'
                               students mainly.  Tutor is teaching an evening class  Stages 1-4 in this room at this time.  
                               Painting Group students are seated separately from the Stage class, and positions are limited.
                               Full conditions below. 

                            * Please Note - this class is NOT for beginners


 Who?  - Over 18 years old, Watercolour Painters/Students  - previous NBW students. If you are not an NBW student please see terms on top of page. 
No Beginners please.  Students should know the foundation techniques of watercolour painting before joining this group as we do not teach watercolour painting in this group, but rather build on our knowledge.

 Where?  - Collaroy Swim Club, 1st floor of Collaroy Surf Life Saving Club (on ocean side), Pittwater Rd, Collaroy. Door opens at 9.45am.  Wednesday mornings or Friday mornings, see dates below. 

When? Wednesdays,  or Fridays  duration of 2.5 hours each session  from 10am - 12.30pm   
Term - 14 Oct/ 16 Oct - 16 Dec / 18 Dec. 2020

$220 10 week term. Only $8.80 per hour.  A largely reduced price for students in this group.

How to join - Please click the Book Now button, which will take you to the online store, where you can pay online.  If you are not sure whether you may join, please check the terms on top of this page. 

Please Note Ts & Cs -  Please do not ask for further discounted/shortened terms.  We cannot offer refunds, credits or makeups for missed weeks after term start date due to your individual circumstances.  (holidays, illness, work etc.)   Please check terms and conditions pages for full details  and book carefully choosing the appropriate option above. 

Questions? Problems?  Please email Jenny at

EQUIPMENT:  Students must supply their own equipment (paint, brushes, paper and tools etc.)  Jenny Recommends artist quality equipment.  An equipment list can be found on this website if desired. 
Students Must bring:
1. Their own subject to paint every week, or choose one from our small library of options.
2. A board to paint on, bigger than a quarter sheet and all your own painting equipment
3. A sheet of plastic, picnic table cloth or a towel to protect council tables
4. A cup for your cuppa.



  • A heavily reduced term price - providing comfortable venue, tea and coffee.

  • Students each week, either choose a subject out of our Subject Folder OR bring THEIR OWN SUBJECT TO PAINT  - from photos, imagination, YouTube tutorials, past NBW 'homeworks', ideas out of books, your own objects (flowers etc) still life, whatever you choose.  Feel free to add good painting subjects to our Subject folder (A4 printouts please.)  The Subject Folder does not come with instructions or tutorials)

  • THE SUBJECT FOLDER:  Our new folder of interesting and varied watercolour subjects.  These are printed on A4 paper and are in a folder where you can remove the page for use during class only, and must replace it after class. Students can photograph items in the subject folder for completion at home if they wish. While we are not obliged to provide you with continuing new subjects every week, you will find a good variety of both real life photos and pictures of other paintings there to try.

  • Painters will have the benefit of hearing repeats of the classes  they have previously attended. (See conditions below).

  • Painters are able to continue their watercolour journey, painting subjects that they are more 'in tune' with, often giving a much more pleasing result.

  • FREE WIFI:  There is free wifi at the Collaroy Beach, and if doing Online or YouTube tutorials or the like, you are required to bring headphones. Tablets and smartphones playing out loud is not acceptable. 

  • When tutor is free from the Stage Class, one-on-one assistance if desired, to achieve the best out of your artwork.   Note: Whilst early lessons of new Stage 1 are occurring, tutor may not be able to spend as much time as normal.

  • Tutor will occasionally be able to give quick demonstrations to help you achieve your result. (Dependant on available time).

  • A lovely comfortable venue with plenty of light, chairs and tables,  fans, heaters, bathroom and small kitchen.

  • Plenty of free parking in the vicinity.

  • Tea and coffee (+ milk and sugar) supplied (where hot water is available.)
    .....and so much more opportunity to practice your newly learned skills (or your old ones!) and paint your own projects, what you want, the way you want, with suggestions or help from  Jenny when desired. 


SPECIAL CONDITIONS FOR THIS GROUP:   As Jenny is teaching a CONCURRENT Stage class at this venue, NBW is able to offer venue space to your Painting Group, and therefore some conditions apply.  This enables NBW to offer a reduced price on your enrollment.   Please read these in full: 

  • Before you can enrol, you are required to have ALREADY have completed the NBW Stages 1-3 classes. 

  • It will not be permitted for painting group students to join in the Stage Class.  (except at coffee break).

  • Painters are asked to kindly refrain from TALKING during 'lecture' periods when tutor is speaking.

  • All students in NBW classes are required to have filled and signed an NBW Code of Conduct prior to start of class.

  • Please refrain from walking around the student stage group, and/or making comments to students while working, or to them about their work, even during break.  (It's up to you if you'll allow them to look at yours.) 

  • It will not be permitted for painting group students to join Stage class tutor demonstrations.(due to numbers.)

  • Painters group tables and chairs will need to be set up, and put away by you.   

  • You are allocated one HALF table each. (we do not have the space nor the tables to have a table each.)

  • Subject folder:  students may use inspiration from the subject folder, may remove pages while painting in class, but are required to return them to the folder after completion of that class. Students may use their phone to photograph the subject for completion at home.  NBW is not obliged to provide ongoing subjects in the folder if the individual can't find anything that appeals to them.  The subject folder and it's pages are not to be removed from clas.   You may add your own printouts to the folder at any time.

  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY & THE SUBJECT FOLDER.   Please be aware that you may NOT sell, publically show or otherwise promote your artwork which is a copy of another person's picture or painting.  If posted online, you must give credit to the original artist.

  • No minimum of students for your group, booking is dependent on numbers in the other class.

  • Painters will not receive class handouts. 

  • Instruction will be  dependent on breaks in instruction during Stage class.  

  • when there are spaces available in Stage 2-4 classes, you are welcome to  enroll in THAT stage class even if you have done it before. (fullfees applicable.)

  • Normal booking and cancellation conditions apply, please see the Refund Policy, Terms and Conditions page. 


No minimum for this class. 
Maximum of 6 dedicated places in this class.  There may be more places available if the Stage Class is not full, and tables become available.  These are NON dedicated places, and will be available on a Term by Term basis.  Normally Painters will have 1/2 trestle table each, of space.  You will be required to set tables up and put them away.
Please do not bring equipment that will not fit on 1/2 trestle table. 

More questions? Please contact Jenny on or use the contact tab on the top menu.

BOOKING CONDITIONS APPLY.  See Bookings and Refunds tab page.


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10 weeks
Wednesdays - 14 Oct - 16 Dec
Fridays 16 Oct - 18 Dec