ZOOM Tuesday Morning Painter's Group - 10 weeks - FREE for former Level 1-4 students ONLY.

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This is the Tuesday Morning class AND FREE Painter's group is for people who have COMPLETED Levels 1-4 entirely - Jenny's graduated students ONLY. No exceptions.
Unfortunately, if you have not completed a term you will not be able to join a 'class' that is conducting the missed Level. You may, however, join one of the other classes (of a level you HAVE completed) at the normal price of $180.00. (Contact Jenny.)
Dates: 20 April to 22 June.
Painter's group runs concurrently with the Stage class and you will be largely independent.

This is FREE for Jenny's graduated Stage 1-4 Students while we are conducting Zoom Classes. Normal fees will revert back once we establish regular face to face classes again.

You will enjoy:
1. some Tutor interaction when breaks in class allow, sometimes this will not be possible.
2. One per week email - critique of your painting if you wish.
3. You can hear what's going on in the stage class, - good revision!
4. AND A HUGE NEW SUBJECT LIBRARY online ready for you to choose a new painting.

You can email Jenny once in the week immediately after the Painting group class, with a clear photo of your painting (doesn't have to be finished.) This will be a once (only) a week critique, of tips and things you could do to maximise your painting. Please note, Jenny will only respond once, as a 'conversation' email won't be possible. OR you can post it on facebook, and you'll get a critique there.

1. A valid email address - to receive your zoom instant-join link and password.
2. A computer, laptop or tablet with the Zoom application installed. (It's free) and
3. a functioning webcam / camera and functioning audio/speakers on that device (as the Zoom application is a video link.)

In this class you need to be aware that you are visible to the host, Jenny, and to other participants via the video link in your webcam.

Jenny will also be visible, and will screen share to her painting table while the demonstrations are being conducted.

Participants are required to have the Zoom appication on either a computer / laptop, tablet, or (at a pinch) even a smart phone near their art desk. (Students should use a smart phone only if no other device is available, as the screen will be very small.)
The device used must have a webcam or integrated camera AND functioning audio.
Zoom is free, and easy to use. It is the participants responsibility to learn how to use it. It's simple, and details can be found here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362193-Joining-a-Meeting on how to join a zoom meeting. You do not need a Zoom account, but will simply click on an emailed link which will prompt you to download the software onto your device if you have not already done so.
This Zoom workshop is not recorded as it contravenes privacy laws and copyright issues. Students may screenshot the workstation at any time, however may not reproduce or distribute the screenshot in any way.

After your payment you'll get an email receipt. Later, Jenny will email you class information, equipment list, and things you should know. It will include the link to join the class. Please ensure you are familiar with the zoom platform PRIOR to class.
This is a 'click to join' link. The link in the email invitation simply needs to be clicked, where zoom will launch, and get access to the meeting.

* Thisgroup requires at least 6 students to run. In the case that quota is not met, your fee will be refunded within a week .

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