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  • Jenny Gilchrist

Master Z - Joseph Zbukvic

Master Z - arguably the best watercolourist in the world, as often commentators and critics often say - this is Joseph Zbukvic (and he's all ours, thankyou Melbourne) This one: "High and Dry".

Joseph specialises in "humanised scenes"... (my term). I describe them this way as he most often paints scenes, landscapes or urban scapes with touches of human interaction, a couple of figures here, a little cottage there, or vast citiscapes with all the fuss that goes with it. His 'brush elocution' is just superb, the placement, the wetness or dryness, the line or lack thereof. The tone, the distance, the space. Heaven at the end of a brush. Just like an accent in speech can be beautiful, the accent of his brush is just mindblowing. There are many many pretenders, copying his style, but only one Master Z, the original, and the best.

And for my students...check out this Centre of Attention. How many variables can you see going on in that harbour view below, that draws your eye to this particular focal point? Wow.

Other paintings and photos of Joseph Zbukvic. All works by Joseph Zbukvic.



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