Tired of lugging a heavy painting board around? TRY CORFLUTE

WHAT IS CORFLUTE? Corflute is the industry name given to corrugated polypropylene, a fluted plastic which is lightweight yet rigid. The plastic is extruded to give it the large rectangular flutes all the way through it. The name “Corflute” is actually a registered name of the Corex company, but now it's a generic term for fluted plastic.

Why do you want to know this?


Light to carry? check. strong? check

strong enough to sit on a leaning board or easel? check.

waterproof? check.

can you tape stuff to it? check. Can you cut it to size? check. Can you get it in BIG sizes? check. You can buy corflute at Bunnings Warehouse and various other places where they have signboard type material. If you buy a piece of corflute, you can cut it to a few various sizes. 900x 600mm x 5mm thick, only $7.95 at Bunnings (Australia).

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