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  • Jenny Gilchrist

SPOTLIGHT on Permanent Rose PV19

Permanent Rose PV19

SPOTLIGHT - on Permanent Rose PV19 (aka Quinacradone Rose). A gorgeous colour. This one by Art Spectrum. A stunning cool, but powerful, super transparent pinkish red. A perfect red for beginners and advanced alike, with it's easy-to-mix sociability with other colours. It has a pefect lightfastness ASTM rating of 1, and a permanence rating of 4* (the best).

This Series 3 pigment (from Art Spectrum) comes in a 10ml tube and lasts ages, as it's a lovely strong pigment with a huge tonal range - have a look at my strip! In the 25 years I've used it, it's always been reliably top quality.

Permenant rose has a long, smooth, tonal range

It does not granulate but quite the contrary, it is a beautiful smooth, clear washer, and is perfect for glazing over a dry picture to add that something special! Oh and doesn't it make superb mixed colours!!! Wow - have a look at Permanent Rose and French Ultramarine where it makes everything from maroon to amethyst! Try Permanent Rose & Aureolin for to-die-for apricots and peaches, and Permanent rose & Raw Sienna for a near-as-perfect Northern Beaches sand colour.

This one will be in my palette forever! Below: top left - permanent rose dried in my palette. top right: Permanent rose with raw sienna>

Bottom left: permanent rose with french ultra Bottom right: permanent rose with aureolin.

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